A Racquetball Player Can Advise A Business? Sawyer Howitt Can.

Yes, a young man who plays racquetball is a role model for young people’s ideas of entrepreneurship.

You have likely hear of a company called the Meriwether Group. It has been around for a while. It is a company that uses data and other resources to provide a valuable resource to major companies. They provide meaningful analytics and details of a client’s business as it impacts society.

A list of their clients is like a list of Fortune 500 companies, almost.

The amazing thing is that this company is operated by Sawyer Howitt, a relatively young man who just happens to play a lot of racquetball. He is a member of the Oregon Racquetball Club.

He did not simply fall into place as a projects manager for the Meriwether Group. He father founded the company; that is correct. But Sawyer did other things to prove himself in the financial sector before starting as a projects manager at Meriwether.

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He was a business strategy analyst for another company a few years ago. After that, he worked in customer service at another company.

Click here to learn more about Sawyer Howitt.

At the Meriwether Group, Sawyer Howitt has shown his skills in customer service, and beginning new ideas and following through. He truly is a role model for our younger generation.

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