Cameron Clokie Creates a Way to Regrow Jaw Bone in Tornoto Canada

Cameron Clokie is a dental surgeon in Toronto, Canada. He is currently a professor and the head of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Toronto. In 1985, Dr. Clokie earned his Doctorate in Dental Surgery, and a Ph.D. in bone regeneration from Mcgill University had soon followed.

Clokie’s goal is to replace bone graft with bioimplants. In 1993, Cameron Clokie established a research group at McGill University that moved to the University of Toronto in 1998. His specialty is focusing on facial reconstruction and bone regeneration.

Peter Russel was diagnosed with a benign tumor back in 2003. The tumor has caused Mr. Russel to lose up to seven centimeters of the jaw bone. Russel chose to be one of eight patients to grow new jaw bone in Toronto General Hospital’s trial.

According to Bloomberg, Cameron Clokie used a protein called bone morphogenetic protein or BMP, on Peter Russel that can coax adult stem cells into regenerating the bones that were lost, therefore making the skeletal jawbone regrow as it originally had in Rusell’s mother’s womb more than a half a century ago. Peter Russel is a silver-haired retired bank executive who now has fully grown back his jowl.

Unlike, Peter Russell, 20-year-old Janine McFarlane was not a candidate for this the jaw bone regeneration procedure. Because her large tumor also included a joint on her jaw, she had to have traditional surgery to restore the 12 centimeters of bone in her jaw. Ms. McFarlane said that the bone was used from the shinbone in her leg that caused her to be unable to walk for two months. Read more: Dr. Cameron Clokie – Bizcommunity


Bone regrowth has been used to add bone length to limbs. In fact, singer Dionne Warwick underwent a bone growth procedure to replace some receding bones in her dental gum area. There is no telling how far bone regeneration can go in the future.

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