Securus Technologies Successfully Finding Prison Contraband

When you work as a corrections officer in a busy prison, each member of my team has to have the others back or we could really be in serious danger. The inmates are in the jail 24-hours a day and they are looking for any weakness in the system they can exploit. If we were to lose focus for even a minute, we could wind up not going how to our families today.


The one way we have always tried to stop the flow of contraband from getting into the jail is by checking each visitor into the jail thoroughly. Many visitors will do things at the request of certain inmates that allow contraband into our jail, whether knowing or unknowing. These inmates will ask for drugs, cellphones, and things they can use or transform into weapons. Every thing we can keep out of the jail makes us and everyone else much safer as a result.


The next thing that we do in an effort to keep the drugs out of the jail is to do surprise cell inspections. We make use of this process in order to net anything that may have gotten by the visitor screening process, and we have been very successful at finding a substantial amount of things that should not be in the cells. With the help of drug dogs, we have located contraband hiding in plain sight that you just would never think the inmates could make use of.


This year we had Securus Technologies help to install a modern inmate call monitoring system that was supposed to do the work of several corrections officers. The company CEO, Rick Smith, says that his Dallas-based employees of 1,000 strong are dedicated to helping us make the world a safer place. We were eager to get training on the LBS software to see exactly how it would help us crack down on the flow of contraband in out jail.


Within hours of getting to use the new Securus Technologies monitoring system, we discovered this was going to be our best resource to date in the fight against the inmates getting their hands on illegal contraband. We heard inmate on the phone talking about hiding drugs in the jail, selling drugs to other inmates, and even how they instructed family to get the drugs into the visitor center without detection.


A Look At Richard Mishaan’s Eye For Interior Design

Richard Mishaan is an architectural and interior designer who lives and works in New York City. His company, Richard Mishaan Design, has been named one of the 2016 and 2017 Top 50 Coastal Designers by Ocean Home Magazine. This includes interior and architectural designers that work on both the West and East Coasts with his work being called “stunning” and “spectacular” by the magazine.
As an elite interior designer, Richard Mishaan has developed a taste that is a mix of authentic and lavish. He includes luxury touches in his designs which include antiques as well as bright and bold modern color patterns. He has authored his first book showing some of his designs and his design philosophy that he named, “Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern”.
He was recently selected by the Kip’s Bay Boys & Girls Club to design their Decorator Show House. He designed the room in a way that makes it appear as if the items in it had been collected over a long time. He pointed to how families in Florence and Venice used to highly desire the workmanship of highly skilled artisans which they featured on silks and velvet showcases. While he didn’t have nearly the time these families did to artfully decorate a room in such a fashion, Mishaan was more than up for the task and created something that is elegant and eclectic in nature.

Other types of items that Richard Mishaan Design specializes in using includes artisanal textures that have been created by hand. He also favors the use of porcelain which makes the entire environment in which it is placed stand out and draws attention. These types of designs are featured in the second book he authored, “Artfully Modern”, which was published by Monacelli Press. This book makes the perfect coffee-table book as Richard Mishaan’s work is inspirational to look at.
One would think that Richard Mishaan is only about high-end, expensive furniture and accessories. He’s actually far more populist than that and believes the best design comes from a great eye rather than spending large amounts of money to furnish a room.

Bob Reina: Ready To Do Things Now

One thing that Bob Reina gets more than anyone else out there is the fact that the time for change and the time to improve someone’s life is right now. As they often say, there is no time like the present. Now is the time to make changes and now is the time to go out there and get things done. One of the worst things for someone out there is to live a life that is filled with regret or what if’s? That is a life where they spend looking back on it and wondering if they should have done something differently or where it went wrong. Now, with Talk Fusion, all of those thoughts can be eliminated from their mind .Learn more :


They have Talk Fusion at their hands and they have had it since 2007. In case they are late to the game, which is not a problem, they are the very best in voice, chat, and data. They have won awards for their work as a matter of fact. That is how good they are and how special they are as a company. This is not just any old company out there and they are clearly not run-of-the-mill. They won two awards in 2016 as a matter of fact and one of them for being the Communications Solutions Product of the Year.


Talk Fusion is allowing people to finally live a life that suits them and a life that makes them leap out of bed with joy. This is Bob Reina’s baby and it brings him such immense happiness to know that people are getting something out of it. He uses that to make sure he is changing lives, which he has talked about a lot in the past. That is important to him and he means every single word of it when he says it. Learn more :



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Nick Vertucci’s Innovative Idea in Real Estate

Nick Vertucci remembers how he used to have a tech business that could provide income to make his family live comfortably. He used to have a poverty mindset of spending money as it came. He never thought of tomorrow. This is why he was badly hit by the dot-com crash of 2000 where he lost all his money.

After losing his money in 2000, Nick Vertucci went through hard economic times and especially being a family man. He was, however, lucky to meet a friend who invited him to a real estate workshop, a decision that changed his life. He pressed on and was patient to gather the information needed to be successful in real estate. He then developed a system that allowed him to make money.

After being successful in using his Flipping system to make money, Nick Vertucci decided to teach others so as to transform their financial legacy at His system is after enhancing people’s know-how since they already have the drive to make money.

Nick Vertucci started a real estate academy that was aimed at bringing solutions to the challenges experienced in investing in real estates. The academy has investors and private lenders that fund real estate deals for students. They train as well as giving tools, techniques, and capital needed to start the businesses. People are also taught on how to overcome challenges and succeed. They give information on how to source properties, repair and sell them out as finished products on

The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy covers areas such as Wholesaling and Flipping contracts in real estate, Rehabbing and flipping properties, Buying and holding properties to appreciate in value, commercial investments, asset protection and how to fund investments.

After being introduced to the world of real estate, Nick was eager to learn at He emphasizes the importance of having the proper mindset as you start real estate investment. He, however, had coaches and mentors that pushed him to forge ahead. To boost his business, Nick continued networking, reading and picking new techniques.

He has, however, gotten up, dusted himself and got back on track. Nick was brought up by a single mother. His mother struggled in raising them. He is now a successful real estate entrepreneur. Nick is married to one wife with whom they have three daughters.