Kim Dao Goes to KPOP Cafe and Makeup and Hairstyles

Kim Dao and her team were taken on a tour of KPOP Cafe owned by SM Town, a South Korean entertainment company. They have lot of novel items in addition to framed pictures of celebrity pictures. Kim Dao loved the throw pillows with celebrity pictures silk screened on them. Up on another floor, there was a sitting room with a gray, plush couch and behind it a wall and ceiling of CD discs. There was a bar, and on the ceiling it had a video of one of the Korean girl groups dancing during a concert. Learn more:


The KPOP cafe staff served Kim Dao and company lunch in a frying pan. It looked like a shish kabob, some macaroni and cheese, a saltine, a biscuit topped with cheese, and lemonade to drink at KPOP’s SMT restaurant. Learn more:


After lunch, the women went to Jenny House for a makeover. Kim Dao started her makeover with a facial massage before her hair was washed and trimmed. Before her hair was styled, Kim Dao looked over all the eye shadow, rouge, and foundation Jenny House had on display. Two women brushed out Kim Dao’s hair. She said she looked younger than her years. Kim Dao will only be 27 in September. Jenny House  threw then a cocktail party with munchy snacks, noodles, hard boiled eggs, lunch meat, and cheese chunks to eat. They had a choice of Perrier and lemonade to drink. After the makeover and cocktail party, there was a photo shoot in the salon. Learn more:


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