Lori Senecal – Global CEO

Lori Senecal is the Global CEO at Crispin Porter & Bogusky who has been very successful in her career. She gives credit to her success to her older siblings which have helped give her motivation to continue to strive to meet her goals in life. It hasn’t always been an easy road and at times it seems long, however, she was able to achieve her dreams and create a successful life. Visit Bloomberg to know more.

Senecal graduated from college with her degree in Sales and Marketing. Soon after graduation, she ventured into the corporate world where she began her career working with some prestigious companies and organizations. She worked to always bring out the best in people and became a leader wherever she worked. Lori launched her own business called TAG Ideation in 2003 which served as a young-adult marketing business. She has had the pleasure of working with many popular and well-known brands such as Sprint, Nestle, Nabisco, Staples and many others. From 2005 – 2008, she also served as the Chief Marketing Officer for DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc. She then went on to serve as the President and CEO of Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners in 2009. After working there for many years, she became the Director and CEO of MDC Partners. In 2015 she was appointed the Director of the Advertising Council and has been producing quality work ever since. She has had many years of experience in many different industries and portrays ample amounts of success. Check out Adweek to know more.

Aside from all of her business ventures and expertise, she also serves on many different boards as well as won many awards. In 2013 she won a Quantum Leap Award and was named the woman to watch in the advertising industry. Something that has been very striking in Senecal’s career is the ability for her to create such success with businesses in such a short amount of time. Fast Company recently put her in the category of the Most Creative People in Business in 2017. Lori Senecal has introduced many positive endeavors and changes within the culture of advertising and continues to work hard to produce success for many years to come. You can search her videos on YouTube.

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