Securus Technologies changes inmates’ lives for the better with video visitation

Over the last 20 years, many new technologies have radically transformed the ways in which various industries operate. Although most people are well aware that technological progress has made huge changes possible in such fields as automotive manufacturing and computer systems, many are not aware that technology is also changing the ways in which America’s prisons operate.


One of the prime examples of this is the video visitation technology that’s been rolled out over the last 10 years by Securus Technologies, one of the leading inmate communications companies in America. This video visitation technology has transformed the ways in which inmates are able to stay in touch with their loved ones on the outside. Through the use of high fidelity, low-cost VoIP-based communications technology, Securus has been able to create a product that allows inmates to stay in touch with their loved ones.


This has been a proven method of reducing inmate behavioral problems as well as ensuring better outcomes when inmates are finally released. Studies have shown that inmates were able to stay in constant touch with those on the outside, maintaining a pro-social milieu in which they can maintain identities independent of the violent criminal social world often present in the nation’s prisons, are able to reintegrate into society at much higher rates and with much more success than those who are only exposed to other violent criminals.


For its part, Securus has been able to maintain extremely low rates for outgoing video visitation calls. Most prisoners throughout the majority of the facilities in which Securus operates pay no more than $0.15 per minute to stay in face-to-face contact with their loved ones.


Through its high quality and low cost, Securus has created a technology that is benefiting inmates, their family members and the guards who are tasked with maintaining a safe and orderly prison environment.


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