A Few Comments On Securus Technologies

Wireless Containment Solution: Protection Against Contraband Cell Phones From Mobile Networks


The modern infrastructure we use in private government facilities use the highest technologies in the field of mitigation. There’s never a sure way to guarantee the behaviors of criminals across the world. The best system for managing the unexpected is by first having a mitigation plan.


The mitigation plan devised by Securus Technologies is bringing the agency into a powerful platform that makes it a reliable engineer the United States government seeks out. The advancement of wireless technology has given a great opportunity to security agencies as well as an illegal option for criminals.



The Use Of Advanced Mobile Networks


The danger with mobile networks is their potential to be open networks.


Wireless networks that hold information, enable phone transmissions or generate Internet service all use signals from one point that extends to another. Since these signals are often left unprotected, a way that ensures safety is required.


The basic safety that works with wireless networks is found in how agencies like Securus Technologies monitor the wireless signals that its clients use. The same ability to send information in and out of a central location can be used by criminals within a facility as well as those without.



Protecting Cellular Use And Access


The innovation Securus Technology puts to use can detect when a wireless system is being infiltrated. There are a few areas of concern that technology by Securus can monitor and track. It’s important to take into consideration that an outside entity can work to enter a network and to steal data.


The same entity can then send data to certain areas of a wireless network.


That data can be used to reach another criminal or to mislead the agency that receives the information. Information can also be blocked or diverted, so urgent information may not be accessible when necessary.


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