Omar Boraie Makes the City Flourish

Omar Boraie is one of the most selfless people I have ever read about. Well, one the most selfless people that are in the 1% of America that is. Omar Boraie has used his real estate company to not only rebuild New Brunswick, New Jersey but to re-create it into a family-oriented place where people long to raise their kids.


It was the dream of Omar Boraie to reform New Brunswick to thrive like one of the European cities he remembered visiting while traveling across that wonderful continent. When he arrived back in the states, he shared this vision with other business associates. However, they could not see the reality the way he saw it. After working hard for four decades, Omar Boraie brought his dream into reality.


According to, Omar Boraie has donated over $150 million the city of New Brunswick. This money has been used Grove both the residential and commercial sectors of the city. You would not know it by visiting the official website of Omar Boraie, but he pays handsomely to keep his donor habits a secret.


Omar Boraie works tirelessly with Boraie Development LLC to accomplish four very important goals. His first goal is to make New Brunswick a place where people want to raise their kids. His second goal is to bring jobs back to the area. His third goal is to keep the current corporations in the area. His last goal is to grow the middle-class.


Sam Boraie has begun hosting dozens of events to make New Brunswick attractive to families. These events range from county fairs to ice skating dates, to one-hour cruises on the water. Perhaps the most popular has been his “Summer Movie Nights” program that he co-hosts with the State Theater. Seven different family moves are played throughout the summer, and Omar covers the cost of each family. Over 7,500 people attended last year.


Omar also has worked to bring businesses back to the area. He accomplished this by offering New York style class A office space at unbeatable prices. These office spaces were able to attract up-start middle-class practices. Check out state theatre nj to see more.



The third thing Omar did was convince big corporations like Johnson and Johnson to stay. This kept tens of thousands of jobs in the area. For more details visit Crunchbase.


The last thing he did was build residential buildings for professionals so that they would live in the city and contribute to taxes.

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