Todd Lubar  Highly Popular Real Estate Tycoon and Investor in the United States

Todd Lubar is amongst the most successful investor in the real estate industry in the United States and has been active in the real estate business for nearly three decades. He has done his graduation in speech communication from the reputed Syracuse University and went on to join Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator. Todd Lubar mentions that during his time at Crestar Mortgage, he learned a lot about the mortgage and the banking industry and it went on to help him tremendously in his future. Today, Todd Lubar is not only involved with the real estate, but is also engaged with demolition industry, owns a nightclub, is active in the entertainment sector, and has a financial consulting firm as well. Todd Lubar is the Senior Vice President at Charter Funding and is also the President of TDL Global Ventures.


Todd Lubar got interested into the world of real estate as soon as he got involved in the sector. Certain qualities like communication, negotiation, business foresight, and a keen eye for details, helped Todd Lubar to excel in the field of real estate and other businesses that he ventured in later on. After working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation for several years, Todd Lubar went on to join the Legacy Financial Group and managed its Maryland office, where Todd helped the turnover to hit a new high under his leadership. Later on, he went on to start the Legendary Properties LLC, which was a residential development firm. In a short period, the company was able to develop, sell and even rehabilitate more than 200 properties. It helped him get established in the real estate landscape of Maryland even further, and also made him famous in the real estate fraternity.


Continuing his entrepreneurial journey, Todd Lubar started Charter Funding, which is a loan originating firm and a subsidiary of the First Magnus Financial Corporation. Being affiliated to one of the leading mortgage banking corporation in the United States helped Todd Lubar expand his business aggressively in the state. He is also the owner of the Legendary Financial LCC, which provides commercial lending services to the corporations as well as individuals. The changes in the mortgage industry in the late 2000s inspired Todd to expand his business horizon to include other businesses as well. It is how he got involved with automotive scrapping business, demolition business, nightclub, and more.


Todd Lubar believes that the real estate scene in Baltimore is booming and the investors looking to invest in a growing market should consider the real estate properties here for a definite growth in the future. Todd Lubar believes that are numerous investment options in Maryland, and is one of the fastest growing real estate markets in the United States.

Paul Mampilly and Monetary Wisdom

Paul Mampilly is a Banyan Hill Publishing Senior Editor. He’s a finance guru who has a lot of knowledge on his side. He has a rock-solid education that paved the way for finance field victories. He graduated from a New York, New York institution of higher learning that’s called Fordham University. He got an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree from the Big Apple educational favorite. Paul Mampilly scored a job with Bankers Trust in the early nineties. He worked then as an assistant portfolio manager. He learned so much on the job at that time. Investments practically became second nature to him. His observations gave him the ability to land vital jobs. He got jobs with legal practices. Mampilly worked for both ING and Deutsche Bank for some time. He managed the hedge fund for Kinetics Asset Management. He took the company to a higher level as well. Its assets were able to get to a whopping 25 billion dollars. Follow Paul on Medium.

Mampilly teamed up with Banyan Hill Publishing back in 2016. This proved to be an outstanding choice for him. He edits a newsletter that’s known simply as “Profits Unlimited.” This newsletter has more than 90,000 subscribers. It spans eight full pages and discusses promising investment chances on a monthly basis. Paul Mampilly does more than write helpful things for Profits Unlimited. He’s in charge of a couple of prestigious trading services. These services are known as True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes. He even has Winning Investor Daily. This is a thorough column that comes out once a week.

Banyan Hill Publishing’s name is a nod to something that’s called the banyan tree. This tree is known for being the globe’s biggest. This takes the size of the canopy into full consideration.

Paul Mampilly is an individual who knows a lot about many topics that are pertinent within the financial realm. He knows a lot about growth investments, first and foremost. He knows a lot about small-cap stocks, technological advancements and all related components. People all around the United States have seen Mampilly’s visage on their television screens. He’s given interviews to a handful of esteemed American media outlets. He’s granted Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News and CNBC comprehensive interviews.

Mampilly has been residing in the United States for a long time now. He started working on energetic Wall Street in the beginning of the nineties. He hasn’t turned back. Learn:


Take Matt Badiali’s Word For It: Invest In Oil Now

When it’s time for you to take the next step with your personal finances and start investing, it’s always a good idea to enlist the help of a professional. Matt Badiali, a Chief Investment Expert at Banyan Hill Publishing, is exactly the man whose wisdom you can rely on to make big financial decisions.

Matt Badiali received his Master of Science degree in geology from Florida Atlantic University, and while pursuing a Ph.D., switched careers to become an investment adviser. His studies in geology have afforded him particular expertise in the natural resource market. Because investing in natural resources requires a high degree of speculation, Badiali’s comprehensive understanding of the science involved allows him to give advice with expert level insight. In fact, he has been doing so for more than ten years, all over the world. View to learn more.

Currently, Matt Badiali foresees a significant jump in oil prices coming soon. Several unstable political situations in major oil producing areas are a key factor, with Yemen, Venezuela and Iran in turmoil. But the biggest threat to the low-price status quo is China, who is seeking to create competition in the energy market. China has created the Shanghai Energy Exchange, a market that is based on the Chinese yuan rather than U.S. dollars, and will likely raise oil prices based on U.S. dollars.

Matt Badiali highly recommends investing in oil now, as rising prices are likely to generate high gains for investors in the near future. In the past, Badiali’s suggestion to invest in oil has been met with skepticism, as the general attitude in finance is that oil is not a profitable investment. However, since his recommendations in 2017, investors who followed his advice have already seen a 30% increase.

Investors who hear Matt Badiali’s expert advice and want to act on it, he recommends monitoring oil’s progress and purchasing during a short term decline, in order to maximize potential profits. For those who want more information, Badiali will continue to diligently research the market and monitor each of these situations, to get you the best advice when you need it.

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Michael Hagele is the Future of the Business World

Michael Hagele, graduated with his B.A. from Iowa University. Then he later went on to receive his J.D. from the University California, Berkley. Michael Hagele was named as one of the most prominent outside counsel figures that ever worked. While working on his degrees, Michael Hagele begin writing his name and influence in business by helping bridge the gaps and helping close extreme big business deals that had tremendous impacts on the business organizations as a whole. Preceding practicing law, Michael served on a few venture capital firm boards that were started online. While there, he litigated affairs in different scopes of intellectual property plans, corporate direction, with the direction of administration bringing companies together The venture capital firms that he worked in, all and all became very successful because of him. Follow Michael on Instagram

Mr. Michael Hagele has a plethora of work experience using his Juris Doctorate Degree. Mr. Hagele has been the leading go to man for technology businesses as well as those businesses research and development departments. Mr. Hagele has facilitated talks in legal matters in businesses that provide services and materials in the Aerospace, Medical Technology and of course, the Worldwide up and coming 5G web space. Michael also has experience with commercial licensing, and distribution for nationwide and abroad contracts.

In closing, Mr. Michael Hagele is an American inspiration and remodel for hard working men all across the nation. Along the way Michael has been dealt a variety of short comings and setbacks, but still has managed to find a way to persevere through those times. After all, some of the best and most influential people in history are the ones that have stood the test of time. Including Mr.Michael Hagele. Well respected, down to earth, and truly a beacon of hope to all young American dreamers everywhere. And definitely, a solution in a problematic world.




Ted Bauman began his work in 2013 at Banyan Hill. Ted specializes in Alert of Alpha Stock, Plan-B Club and The Letter of Bauman, concentrating in privacy, asset protection, strategies in low-risk investments and issues concerning international migration. Bauman stays with his family in Atlanta. Bauman has lived his whole life assisting in placing individuals straightforwardly in contact with various assets they require to live an independent life, which does not require greedy corporates intervention and government oversight.

Ted was born in Washington D.C and later on moved to South Africa. While in S.A he got his bachelor’s degree from Cape Town University, he studied History and Economics. He has over two decades of career experience during his time in South Africa. Ted Bauman worked under an assortment of executive jobs in various charitable sectors, fundamentally as a manager for funds in projects of low-cost housing. Ted assisted in the creation of Internationals Slum Dwellers, which has offer assistance for more than fourteen million individuals’ in thirty-five nations.

Ted Bauman invested a substantial amount of time visiting Asia and Africa; it empowered him to build up a valuation for how economic and political elements interface in various environments. Ted has published commentary and research in some prominent global journals, like, Development of Small Enterprise, Microfinance Journals, Urbanization, and Environment. In 2008 he came back to the United States of America to do a job in a large nonprofit company situated in Atlanta. Bauman was to serve as the International Programs Director.

Ted Bauman utilizes his experience in financial analysis to center around on strategies for surveying company’s effectiveness and sustainability. As a financial expert, he can see the landscape of investment from a broader stance. It empowers him to provide the readers with remarkable bits of knowledge into trends and market development which gives beneficial potential. Apart from editing Plan-B Club, Weekly Alpha Stock, and Letter of Bauman, Ted also composes week by week for a newsletter for Banyan Hill (The Sovereign Daily Investor). Check this article at to know more.

Banyan Hill Publishers is rapidly growing distributor of free advice in investment. It has more than four hundred thousand readers who depend on the specialist’s board’s site to enable them to locate promising opportunities in finance. The site focuses around on ventures like natural resources and commodities, mid-cap and small-cap stocks, opinion plays, and income-producing investments.

Banyan was established as a Sovereign Society in 1998 and rapidly ended up to be known as the primary international investment organization and asset protection in the view of personal sovereignty and self-reliance. The website concentrates on giving its readers exhortation relating to comprehensive strategies of investment, U.S.A diversification of dollar, running and establishing offshore accounts of banks, asset protection, private foundation, the international corporation of business, foreign residency and second citizenship, alongside tips on keeping financial and personal privacy.

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Ted Bauman grew up in Washington D.C along the eastern shore of Maryland. He spent his early ages in this city although later he shifted to South Africa. While in South Africa, Ted joined the University of Cape Town where he attained a degree in History and Economics. In South Africa, Ted was employed as a manager and as a supervisor for housing projects. Ted worked in the south for twenty-five years as a top manager in various organizations. He specifically worked in nonprofit organizations, Mr. Bauman started one of his major project that is slum Dwellers International that has helped over 14 million people across the globe.

Ted Bauman is the current director in publishing editorial at Banyan Hill. He joined Banyan Hill in the year 2013, since then he has specialized in the following areas; personal security, Intercontinental issues in migration, setting strategies in investment and offering security to businesses. Ted had made a significant contribution in helping people in making better decisions without being influenced by the government. Read more at Talk Markets to learn more.

During the interview, Ted says that he is like any other human being. In the morning Ted Bauman takes his children to school, and then he proceeds to work and doing any other activities. He also mentions his interest in the current technology because he knows this will help him to improve his business according to the current trend. Many of the Ted readers are interested in his articles because he uses his experience to explain real-world issues. Ted is the kind of person who believes that his life experiences can make a positive impact to many people.

Ted Bauman in all his articles he concentrates on explaining issues about the economy. Mostly, his readers are interested in getting advice on how to make better investments that will have a positive impact and help even the society. Ted make use of the morning hours to do the challenging task since this is the time he identifies he is more productive. Ted Bauman aims to remain productive throughout, to achieve this he has come up with strategies that help him to do the task with the shortest time possible. He has worked in many restaurants where he has gotten some of his work experience. Ted acknowledges that writing requires a lot of knowledge and the writer must be ready to read many materials to gather the information. View:


What To Know About Alex Pall

Alex Pall, a recognized member of a band called Chainsmokers. He is among the duo in the band with his friend called Andrew Taggart. In the band, their manager, Adam, is also the man who introduced them together. In his early life, Alex used to be a New York City DJ. In an interview, he talked about the new song that they released with Halsey. The song that they had released was called “closer”.


When he was talking about how they started working with Andrew, he first said how his growing life was. He started as a DJ even though he had attended the university and pursued Music and History. Being a DJ was he had loved for a long time and it was his hobby. It was just a side hustle job that he loved doing. One time he attended the art gallery after he had come to realize that playing dance music was able to consume his life and he wanted to give it a trial. He left his former job after forming the Chainsmokers and started the music.


All that they knew is that doing music will work out. They realized this after they had brought everything on the table and after they talked about it. The duos had been loving music when growing and they wanted music to be the thing for them. When they came to note their ambitions was on music, they really needed to give it a trial. They had to give a good observance of what was happening in between them and come to realize whether it could be something to work for them or not at all.


During their work as a new artist, they worked very hard so that they could be able to also create their identity. They had to do so because deciding to do music, it was their job and also something that could settle their bills. What made them happy duos is because their fans started relating their music and hard work could enable their work to become more rated. They have tried very hard in creating newer things so that their music could become more engaging and of interest.

The Trabuco: Killer Of Castles

Have you ever wondered why people stopped building castles? At one time, nearly all powerful people in Europe lived in these impressive stone fortifications. Yet, people stopped building them. Why? The answer is simply “The Trabuco”.

The Trabuco was an ancient weapon of war. It was a huge but mobile weapon that worked in a manner similar to a catapult. However, the Trabuco was far more powerful. When a well-placed projectile from one of these things found its mark, it could turn thick castle walls into dust. When it was first introduced, nothing like it had ever been seen before. These monsters could hurl a projectile weighing as much as 140 kilos, shattering hard targets over 800 meters away. Its rate of fire was also significantly better than that of a catapult according to Because of its ability to knock down castles with an ease that had never before been imagined, this weapon single-handedly ended the castle age.


Most of the time, these war machines fired round projectiles that were specifically created for them. In some cases, these projectiles would explode or burn upon impact. Of course, it could also be used to throw large rocks much like its bigger, slower cousin (the catapult). Sometimes, they would take advantage of the weapon’s extremely long range to throw diseased corpses into an enemy castle.

Trabuco was derived from weapons that were first invented in China around 400 BC. These were not like the more advanced versions of the mideival period, which relied on a counterweight to move a gigantic throwing arm. These were simple devices that relied on a friction bolt. These devices were themselves adapted from an even earlier weapon, that being the simple sling.

The first historical account we have of the counterweight version comes from an Islamic scholar named Mardi Al-Tarsusi according to However, we can be fairly sure that the Muslims did not invent this weapon, because Al-Tarsusi refers to it as a weapon invented by “unbelieving demons”. We do, however, have some record of Vikings using a weapon of this kind around 873. As the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries wound on, gunpowder began to replace the older weapons, and cannons began to replace the trabuco. The last known military use of a trabuco took place when conquistador Hernan Cortes used one in his campaign against the aztecs. This was deemed necessary because they were so far away from their gunpowder supplies.

While these weapons are no longer used, it can still be a lot of fun to build a small one for your own learning and use. Even a small one will impress you!

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Madison Street Capital Advises Tech Merger

During the merger of The Spitfire Group and DCG Software Value, Madison Street Capital acting in an advisory capacity to help with the transition. Madison Street Capital serves the middle market as an international banking firm and was DCG Software Value’s exclusive financial advisor during this merger. DCG Software Value provides software estimation services, software value management, and function point analysis while The Spitfire Group is based in Denver and provides technology consulting for businesses.


When the merger was announced in 2017 without much detail, it was announced by Madison Street Capital’s CEO, Charles Botchway. Botchway spoke of both of the companies involved very highly and states that the management teams of The Spitfire Group and DCG Software Value are extremely experienced as leaders in the IT industry. The leader of the transaction between The Spitfire Group and DCG Software Value was Jay Rodgers. The CEO of DCG Software Value was impressed by the team at Madison Street Capital by their insight and analysis of the transaction.


The professionals with Madison Street Capital have an extensive amount of knowledge when it comes to finances. Throughout the years, they have formed many strong relationships throughout different industries around the world. Madison Street Capital has earned the reputation of being one of the premier investment banking firms in the middle market and are a leader in corporate finance providing. The professionals at Madison Street Capital have been able to arrange appropriate capitalization structures and financing for each of their clients that is suited to fit their needs for their specific situation. Their offices are located throughout the world with locations in North America, Asia, and Africa with their headquarters being in Chicago, Illinois.


Madison Street Capital is dedicating to assisting the efforts of The United Way as they work diligently to improve the conditions for the people in areas affected by disasters. A 10-year program was created in 2008 by Madison Street Capital in order to assist communities to gain financial stability by 2018. They hope that these families affected by their efforts are able to eventually achieve economic independence.


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Talkspace Makes Online Therapy Affordable and Convenient for Everyone

Many people out there have a strenuous and difficult relationship with their partner or family, and it can lead to emotional drainage and issues over a period of time. Such mental health issues can deteriorate the quality of your life and may impact your professional career as well. With such a negative mental state working with focus can be difficult and if no remedy of such issues is found soon, it would soon impact and engulf your entire life with various issues. Eventually, the panic disorder, anxiety, and depression would set in that can prove to be fatal and may leave permanent damage as well.

The best way to get rid of such issues in today’s date is to consult with the therapist who has been professionally trained to deal with such cases. Talkspace is an app that would help you consult with the therapist online without having to go anywhere. Talkspace would ensure that you can consult with the therapist with experience and who is licensed without having to go anywhere. You can discuss your problems with text and e-mail and even make voice or video-call to the therapist you are assigned to. The usage of Talkspace has been increasing among the people these days as it is affordable as well as convenient. Considering the kind of life that people are living these days, Talkspace has been a way to help people improve the quality of their life by boosting their mental health and solving various mental health issues at the right time.

Talkspace offers online therapy that is not just effective but also affordable. Therapists at Talkspace do not have to rent an office or pay for any overhead costs that come with them offering their services. It is the reason why the benefit is passed on to the clients in the form of low prices.