Todd Lubar  Highly Popular Real Estate Tycoon and Investor in the United States

Todd Lubar is amongst the most successful investor in the real estate industry in the United States and has been active in the real estate business for nearly three decades. He has done his graduation in speech communication from the reputed Syracuse University and went on to join Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator. Todd Lubar mentions that during his time at Crestar Mortgage, he learned a lot about the mortgage and the banking industry and it went on to help him tremendously in his future. Today, Todd Lubar is not only involved with the real estate, but is also engaged with demolition industry, owns a nightclub, is active in the entertainment sector, and has a financial consulting firm as well. Todd Lubar is the Senior Vice President at Charter Funding and is also the President of TDL Global Ventures.


Todd Lubar got interested into the world of real estate as soon as he got involved in the sector. Certain qualities like communication, negotiation, business foresight, and a keen eye for details, helped Todd Lubar to excel in the field of real estate and other businesses that he ventured in later on. After working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation for several years, Todd Lubar went on to join the Legacy Financial Group and managed its Maryland office, where Todd helped the turnover to hit a new high under his leadership. Later on, he went on to start the Legendary Properties LLC, which was a residential development firm. In a short period, the company was able to develop, sell and even rehabilitate more than 200 properties. It helped him get established in the real estate landscape of Maryland even further, and also made him famous in the real estate fraternity.


Continuing his entrepreneurial journey, Todd Lubar started Charter Funding, which is a loan originating firm and a subsidiary of the First Magnus Financial Corporation. Being affiliated to one of the leading mortgage banking corporation in the United States helped Todd Lubar expand his business aggressively in the state. He is also the owner of the Legendary Financial LCC, which provides commercial lending services to the corporations as well as individuals. The changes in the mortgage industry in the late 2000s inspired Todd to expand his business horizon to include other businesses as well. It is how he got involved with automotive scrapping business, demolition business, nightclub, and more.


Todd Lubar believes that the real estate scene in Baltimore is booming and the investors looking to invest in a growing market should consider the real estate properties here for a definite growth in the future. Todd Lubar believes that are numerous investment options in Maryland, and is one of the fastest growing real estate markets in the United States.

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