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The co-founder of Tory Burch, Chris Burch has been through a lot in the last few years after seeing his private and business partner with wife, Tory implode. Despite remaining quiet about the changes he has undertaken over the last decade, Chris Burch has remained a major force in the retail industry and hopes to continue to become a part of many other industrial sectors. Burch is involved in many different entrepreneurial activities including a new diet pill being developed at Cedar Sinai Hospital and various new developments in the cosmetic surgery sector.

The main takeaway from any meeting with Chris Burch is the fact he is a forward-thinking entrepreneur who is more interested in looking back than in delving back into the past. Burch believes the traditional lifestyle and luxury brands are coming to a close for the majority as main street stores are attracting as loyal a consumer base as the luxury brands who have traditionally been involved in brand developments. The brands which are now being sought as the leaders of the retail sectors are now being replaced by experiences such as those on offer from Chris Burch’s Nihiwatu resort in Indonesia.

There are many tips and pieces of advice the Tory Burch founder is willing to provide for potential entrepreneurs is the need to do as much as possible in the shortest space of time, find more info on ( Chris Burch does not need to spend the majority of his time living and working for tomorrow; the high-profile investor is always looking to develop new areas of interest and believes the entire retail industry will change in the coming months, useful information on

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