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The pain relief tablets are a recent addition to the Hyland’s product lineup. Although they’re still new to the Hyland’s brand, the tablets have already proven themselves worthy of the name. They replace the teething tabs that were discontinued a while back. Although a newer addition, parents have already learned this product meets their expectations for a Hyland’s product. If babies could talk, they’d certainly approve of the Hyland’s product, too. Parents are always concerned with the safety of any product they give to their baby. When this brand name is attached, you know that it delivers the results that it promises and always exceeds expectations.



Parents and babies need and want fast oral pain relief. These tabs from Hyland’s provide effective and safe pain relief that is gentle enough even for a newborn.

Brazil Experiences A Decrease In Agriculture Exports

The Brazilian Bureau of International relations from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Provisions announced the outcomes of exports on July the 13th. Flavio Maluf, businessman and president of the company Eucatex, explained that the figures provided by the ministry compared the results of the month of June of this year with last years results. When looking at the two figures, it is clear that the results for exports for July of this year have suffered by a decrease of 0.7% from last years results. The agriculture sector accounted for 46.5% of Brazils foreign sales during the month of June 2018. Read this article about Maluf at

Of all of the exports, soy was the highest export at 53.5%, followed by forest products at 14.4%, meat at 8.3%, sugar alcohols at 7%, and coffee at 3.9%. Flavio Maluf pointed out that China is the main consumer of Brazilian exports. China has exported Brazilian agriculture products from July of 2017 to June of 2018. China exported soybeans and cellulose primarily. The European Union, with a membership of 28 countries, is the second largest importer of Brazilian agriculture. The European Union imports green coffee, orange juice, pulp, and soybean meal.

A survey carried out by Conab, one of Brazil’s supply companies shows that the trade of soybean complex is favorable and the production of soybeans will reach 119 million tons. Flavio Maluf explains that the increased production in soybean will be up 4.2% from the previous year’s crop. Conab projects that Brazil will export 72 million tons of soybeans. This will exceed last years soybean export by 5.6%. From January to June of 2018 Brazil exported 46.27 million tons of grain and made revenue of $18.43 million dollars.