Neurocore Treats Depression Using Neurofeedback

Nowadays, there are over ten million adults in the US living with depression which makes researching treatments for it all the more paramount. Fortunately, Neurocore believes they have found an efficient method of treatment. Back in the mid-1930’s, Frederick Lemere became one of the first scientists to study the effects of neurofeedback on patients with depression. More than three-quarters of a century later, Neurocore is now using the research he published to treat patients with depression via neurofeedback and having much success with it. Out of the 292 patients they have treated so far, almost 85% of them have reported a significant reduction in symptoms while almost half of them no longer met the requirements necessary to be considered depressed.

As a result, they have now opened a medication-free depression treatment program which uses Qeeg technology to map the brainwaves of its patients to help determine the inherent cause of clinical depression. Some of the more traditional methods of treatments include taking antidepressants, seeing a shrink or some combination thereof. Many scientists have also studied this and believe an increase in alpha activity to be one of the main factors in detecting depression altogether. Many factors that often contribute to depression include hereditary factors, hormones and the genetic makeup of a person’s brain. They also use ASEBA as a rating scale for their patients.

Neurocore was first founded in 2004 as a brain training company and works to help people maintain focus in the classroom and in the workplace to become better students and employees. In the fourteen years since it was first established, it has become one of the leading authorities on applied neurosciences and has even attracted some big name sports teams and athletes such as the Portland Trailblazers. They currently operate out of two states, Florida and Michigan, and have eight different performance centers open to the public. So anyone who needs help with any neurological issues can come to them for help. To learn more about the services they provide and how you can become a part of it, check out their website or call 800-600-4096.

Enhanced Athlete Win

Enhanced Athlete, a health and fitness company specializing in nutrition has successfully defended their lawsuit against Nutrition Distribution in the Eastern District of California after being targeted for a shameless shakedown for money. With several related companies and a recognized industry brand at stake, Enhanced Athlete had to protect it’s interests when targeted by Nutrition Distribution. Enhanced Athlete’s sister company Enhanced Gear specializes in clothing and another sister company, Enhanced Coaching, specializes in elite fitness coaching.


Malicious And Frivolous Lawsuits


Unable to prove they suffered any harm with their claims of false advertising, Nutrition Distribution should now understand that their business does not involve filing dozens of malicious lawsuits against successful competing companies that are in the business of selling real and useful products and services. Whereas other companies seek to improve if they face declining sales and revenues, Nutrition Distribution chose instead to file lawsuits it simply could not win in court likely understanding that due to the extreme legal costs of fighting these lawsuits, some targets would actually pay money to settle instead of fight like Enhanced Athlete. The people at Enhanced Athlete decided they must fight and their success in this case can help other companies facing similar tactics.


It would appear to any observer that Nutrition Distribution preferred targeting dozens of companies for shakedowns rather than actually competing in our capitalist economic system. Nutrition Distribution seems to have been getting a fair amount of their income by threatening and harming competing companies with lawsuits. Despite Nutrition Distribution’s nefarious efforts, Enhanced Athlete has emerged the victor. Hopefully, any other companies considering these sorts of tactics will take note of this case and choose more wisely and hopefully any other targets will fight these lawsuits as Enhanced Athlete has successfully done.


Back To Business


Enhanced Athlete, Enhanced Coaching and Enhanced Gear provide customers with a wide variety of tools they need to become their fittest and the owners of these companies and the people whom they employ had a lot at stake in this lawsuit. It is a relief to know that Enhanced Athlete was able to win this lawsuit and get back to the business of helping people to become healthier and stronger.