Serge Belamant: The Creator of the First Incarnation of Blockchain Technology

Serge Belamant was born in France, Tulle, in 1953. At the age of 14, he and the family moved in South Africa. The respected man learned how to write as well as speak English. He later joined Highlands North High School, and excelled in several athletics and sports, taking of Rugby and Chess.

In 1972, Serge Belamant became the head prefect leading him to receive awards in academics, Rugby, chess, and athletes. The determined inventor was later enrolled at the Witwatersrand University to pursue engineering. During his second year at WU, Serge Belamant changed his mind and he pursued Computer Science & applied mathematics. Serge Belamant brought to a halt his studies and he took third-year courses in information via UNISA. This made him not complete his bachelor’s degree; he did not want to repeat the subjects he passed.

Serge joined Matrix, an engineering company. Here, he had the role of working on medium-small size IBM computers. He used finite element analysis software. To be clear, Serge used to develop computer applications on Cyber to study dam levels, advance dam levels, and foresee future droughts.

The determined man was later assigned at the Centre for scientific & industrial research (CSIR) as the Pretoria, Witwatersrand & Engineering (PWV) computer section’s head; it is a project for road planning. Serge Belamant was too hardworking and eager to achieve his big dreams. To earn extra cash besides his salary, he aided engineers of control data to do benchmarks against computer manufacturers like IBM, Burroughs, and UNIVAC.

Serge achieved a lot by working with several companies before creating the first incarnation of blockchain technology in 1989, NET 1. NET 1 Technologies, UEPS, created the first globe’s Blockchain Debit Card that nearly 3m individuals are using making it to grow very fast. Using UEPS of blockchain technology is very beneficial because it creates the lowest price banking around the globe. The management anticipates about $2.50 EPS: that is by 2020. If all is achieved by that year, then UEPS will be put at less 4 PE without debt. The good bit is that this blockchain smart card works with no connected electricity source.

OSI Group’s Indulgence in Local Cultures

OSI food solutions is a renowned food processor that has been providing high-quality food products to customers across the group. David McDonald has been president of OSI industries for about thirty years. David has designed quite a number of strategies that have been instrumental in building the ISO Industries from grass to grace.

David McDonald started working at OSI group as a project manager while still working as the chairman of North American Meat Institute. He has over the years worked tirelessly hard to become the present president of the OSI group.

In regard to the leadership of OSI food solutions, David has done great strides while working at OSI to make it a food processor leader. In a recent interview, he pointed out some culture and basic practices that have consequently led to the rise of this company.

In a quick rejoinder, he says that he started working in the meat industry, immediately after graduating from University. He asserts that he has always had an interest in biology while in university. He would later become appointed as a project manager at OSI. The rest is a history of prosperity and success.

Considering the fact that his professional started at a low-level position in the company, David McDonald worked really hard to impress his managers to get promoted.

David McDonald in the interview explained that since he became president of the OSI industries, he has brought several partnerships on board. This has been through several mergers and acquisitions with different companies across the globe. Some of the mergers that have been done in the recent past include the TURI-OSI merger, the Baho industries, and the Tysons food industries.

David McDonald during the interview says that the OSI group’s success in business can be attributed to the high-quality products they are still providing to their customers up to date. OSI has created a family culture by ensuring that their products are family friendly.

OSI is gradually becoming part of local cultures since they understand the needs of local customers in different countries. This has been made possible by the number of mergers and acquisitions that have been put done in the recent years. The acquisitions and mergers have been mentioned earlier in this article.

David McDonald says that believes that the immense success by OSI group can only be attributed to the group’s ability to do valuable mergers and partnerships. OSI food solutions has participated extensively in acquisitions so as to understand local cultures in different markets they venture.

Glen Wakeman’s five components that lead to the success of startups

Glen Wakeman, a former executive, breaks down techniques to successful investments. The Internet has continued to offer extensive information to the world and investors are using it to bring vast and explosive economic growth globally. New entrepreneurs are using the information on the internet to venture into business and hence, boom new startups all over the world. Although the information is somewhat useful, there is much to gain following knowledge that is given by someone who has walked the path, have skills and experience in the business world. Glen, therefore, discusses various methodologies that lead to successful business.


Marketing is the leading component he explains about. Glen says that marketing is a platform that enables the entrepreneur to promote their services to potential clients, and also educate on the benefits of their goods and services.


The operation component comes in, and it simply touches on how the investor will deliver their services to the clients. It includes the implementation of their ideas and even the logistical considerations.


Glen Wakeman also talks of talent as the third component. Investors should evaluate their capabilities before venturing into a business. The investor may have a robust and stable plan on how to implement the ideas but lack the ability to maneuver through the project. This opens the question if the entrepreneur requires partners to execute their vision.


The financial methodology is crucial and critical. Entrepreneurs should understand the risk he is about to take, one must evaluate if the cash at hand will complete the job. What are sources of their cash flow and how much is required till the venture start bringing in some cash?


Lastly, Glen talks about risk management component. Investors are advised to examine the flaws of their ideas. If any defect is detected, it should be addressed before the plans are implemented. Entrepreneurs should evaluate their businesses to ensure the minimum risks possible.


Glen Wakeman is a successful businessman and has gathered vast experience with startups companies. He has credible skills as he has served in various organizations. Glen is the founder of Launchpad Holdings.

Paul Mampilly Views on Cryptocurrency

Stock trading is the best and most valued way to keep investments in check. The current rate of shares is expected to rise in future as is for some. Which then requires the contribution of renowned and established stock exchange market consultants; Paul Mampilly is an American investor and financial geek, previously having worked as hedger manager and the winner of the Templeton foundation investment which is a prestigious price making Paul Mampilly a guru in this investment sector. To he is a seasoned guest in CNBC, Bloomberg and other networks thus his contribution is invaluable in the stock exchange sector. Read more reviews about Mampilly’s at

A digital form of currency or payment, managed and existing online not under the influence or control of banks and government is what is commonly referred to as cryptocurrency. Having gained significant public interest, it is ever on the rise due to its nature as described above. Having first designed for peer-to-peer payment using its complex crypto patterns of rules hence used for electronic payments and in the exchange market. The other factor causes its metric rise that giant companies in Tec that saw that there is future in cryptocurrency in future. The giant cryptocurrency platform as of now that is commonly in recognition being Bitcoin.

Due to the ever-increasing demand of cryptocurrency, bitcoin only cannot meet the entire market demand necessitating the development of other forms of cryptocurrencies which have been developed to meet the market’s needs that cannot be meet exclusively by bitcoin which include: Ethereum, Litecoin, ripples and other forms of cryptocurrencies. Further interest in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, ripples and others have grown in recognition as a legitimate currency and payment sources as they have been recognized in some countries such as Japan and Russia which have accepted the cryptocurrencies.

Paul Mampilly argues that cryptocurrencies are likely to grow by significant strides in the future as they are expected to reduce the transaction cost than before, and this will make them cheaper more efficient, crypto is a force to reckon in that it will make banking services less expensive by reducing the cost of lending and borrowing.

Selling and buying of shares are likely to be made cheaper as it will enable smaller and medium entities to break the firmly held grip by significant stock exchange markets by reducing the cost that can only be met by larger corporates only.

Cryptocurrencies are likely t take the place of such physical things like gold, diamonds, and silver as many would prefer to transact by digital platforms that can be provided by cryptocurrencies. Learn more: