How EOS Lip Balm Took Over

The Story of How EOS Too Down Chapstick

Not that long ago, chapstick, an official brand name, was used as short hand for lip balm. There are a number of products that have enjoyed this level of success. Today, there are a number of changes that have happened in this industry, most importantly, EOS lip balm has emerged as the premiere company and grew into a multimillion dollar business. This article will explain the changes that this company went through and how they began as a humble idea and rose to the level that they are enjoying today. If you’d like to see a little bit more about how they were able to do this, read on.

One way that they were able to grow to this point is with some of the best social media marketing on Facebook and other sites that any company has pulled off in recent years. They did this through making the product look very distinct and also created a number of collectable colors and scents. People were drawn to this product, to the point that a number of celebrities have begun using it.

This product is also great because it revolutionized the way that women take care of their lips. Many women didn’t enjoy using chapstick because the stick is so easy to lose and also is not a pleasant experience. The product would become caked up and unsanitary at times, especially products that you have to apply using your finger. EOS thought about the consumer first and did some research into what people liked, and catered their product to them accordingly.

Because they recognized the faults in other lip balms that have been produced for years, EOS was able to take the industry by storm. Now, they are worth more than $250 million and have taken over the market in so many ways.

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