Only The Real Survive: The RealReal

The RealReal is a luxury castoff clothing company. It was established in the year 2011 by Julie Wainwright. She began working in the technology industry during the 1990s and served as Chief Executive Officer of The RealReal makes consignment available to consumers that has been authenticated by the company’s experts. They offer appraisals at their brick and mortar locations. The company collaborates with countless high end fashion brands and delivers authenticity consistently. This new generation of luxury thrifting has helped The RealReal skyrocket in profit revenues. Since being founded in 2011, the company has raised more than $173 million. To build a stronger bridge between them and their consumers, The RealReal app was introduced on all cellular device platforms. For the consumers who opt out of downloading the app, they still can reach the same purchasing goals by visiting the desktop version or mobile version of the company’s website. They offer monthly subscriptions that include advanced access and sneak peeks for monthly promotions. Aspiring consignors may also partner with the company to receive upwards of 85% of the items that are sold. Taking advantage of all social media platforms, the company has a grand following on Instagram. Their Instagram accounts not only posts new items, but also allows buyers to enter free giveaways. The most recent picture they posted is a Fendi bag that they are giving away to a lucky follower. The caption for the Fendi bag post entails how to enter the contest. The prior two posts to that was a Cartier Tank watch and a Burberry trench coat suit. The company continuously fills their inventory with the best quality of secondhand clothing.