NGP VAN is a Game Changer

The changes in the political landscape have facilitated the need to change in the manner the politicians and the political parties engage in their activities. Unlike in the past where an organizing political event was labor intensive the recent times has seen technology change the engagement. Technology provides the politicians and the political parties with big data indicating the voters which likely support the political platform. Democrats have successfully utilized the technology, social media, and big data in winning presidential elections. For instance, the historical election and reelection of Obama back in 2008 and 2012 can be attributed to the use of technology. The success of the Democrats in winning the presidential election can be attributed to the powerful campaigning tool of NGP VAN.


NGP VAN is a game changer when it comes to conducting an election in the United States. The Democrats receive adequate support when running for office from NVG VAN through the provision of the mobile tools and web. NGP VAN is a Washington DC-based institution which mainly deals with web-hosting and database commonly used by the Liberal Party of Canada, Democrats and other hundreds of the labor unions and progressive organizations. Since the company deals with technology, NGP VAN provides the Democrats with a competitive edge through the powering data and campaigning strategies. The use of the technology in politics and elections has enabled the voters to achieve the exposure on the daily matters occurring in the society.


However, the changes in technology have the capability of changing the future of the elections and other behaviors. The majority of the political parties need to adopt the use of technology in their campaigns as well as engaging in the voters. NGP VAN played a significant role in which Obama was becoming the first black president of America. The use of the technology enables the Democrats to collect the data which allows them to counter the competitor such as Republicans. Having a database which is well driven eliminates wastage of resources in targeting niche within the voters. However, dysfunctional technology is detrimental for the political parties since it leads to failure such in the case of Republican Party candidate Mitt Romney.