Betsy DeVos: Taking a Hard Look at Education

There are some people who are unfamiliar with the work of Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. Betsy DeVos started her career out like most people in her local government. She had met parents through the regional school system that had a problem with the way that the public school system was being run. They expressed anger over the situation but mostly they were interested in getting their children out. It felt as though their children are being undereducated and they were willing to sacrifice anything to make it better for them in the future. Betsy DeVos saw these parents and their willingness to suffer for their children and she wanted to do something to help them. This is when she first entered into the field of government with the express intent of bettering the education system.


After deciding to enter into the education system Betsy DeVos needed to find where she would best fit. She began joining committees and lobbying for a seat on the Michigan Board of Education. Her work was not in vain and she eventually received an appointment to the Michigan Board of Education. One of her first acts in this role was to advocate for the implementation of scholarship programs and a tax program that would help parents enroll their children into these alternative schools. She explained why “school choice” was going to be such an important measure in the future. These parents had already made her argument for her when they decided to take their children out of the public sector. They had seen the slow decline within those school systems they did not want to leave their children there to underperform.


For Betsy DeVos, she wanted other parents to have that sense of power and breed a genuine entitlement to a better education into a whole other generation. The problem continues to be that many people want to prop up the public school system instead of challenging it to be better. Many parents are operating under the assumption that if it was good enough for them to attend then it would be good enough for their own children. Unfortunately, this hands-off approach towards education leaves children in a situation where they are chronically underperforming. This has begun to affect the overall education level of children throughout the United States. Betsy DeVos is stressing that parents should take a good look at how their children are being educated. It is one thing to be nostalgic for your childhood, but it is entirely another to hamper your own children’s achievement abilities because you are afraid to acknowledge that a system is beyond repair and needs more than a fresh coat of paint to be a better option for the future.


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Betsy DeVos stand on freedom of expression in campuses

One of the most conscious subject that the U.S Education Secretary is looking to address is the threat to free speech on campuses. Betsy is dedicated to countering the threat to free speech with a multitude of different solutions to the issue.


While she was in an interview at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Betsy pointed out how the censorship to free speech has been affecting campuses over the years to the point that students cant even express their ideas freely.


To show how committed she was in turning things around, Betsy described how the exchange of ideas on campus helped to test new ideas, engage in new experiences and practice what she was being taught in campus; she could not believe the same experience which helped her discover herself, even more, was not being enjoyed by other students.


According to Betsy DeVos, higher education needs to be a place of exploration of opinions and ideas, but that is not the case; it is a place where speech is controlled, and even the word freedom of expression is dated.


In the interview, Betsy stated that her administration is dedicated to upholding freedom of expression in campuses for an open exchange of ideas that will help stir growth in the nation. Betsy added that the only subject of debate is how ideas can battle against each other.


Betsy DeVos was not the only one who was standing up against the shackles on freedom of expression, Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General of the Department of Justice is in full support on the march to ensuring that freedom of speech is given back to the students in campuses.


For the plan to become a reality, Betsy DeVos confirmed that plans are underway on how her department is going to change the issue of expression. The kind of allies being formed around this debate is causing a stir, and there is a glimmer of hope on how the issue is going to be addressed, it’s just a matter of time before the cogs are set in motion.


People do not doubt the support that Betsy DeVos has on the issue. Betsy has proved herself over the years on her commitment to providing the best educational environments for students. This has been evident through the educational reforms that she has spearheaded over the years to ensure that more students can access quality education and how she has supported education through her philanthropy work.


Thomas Pedroni who is a Wayne State University professor of education in Detroit said that he is fond of Betsy, and he acknowledges her as a divisive figure who is on a path to create an opening for a more focused and democratic public education sector. One of the most well-documented successes of Betsy has been her commitment to Charters which are publicly funded learning institutions that are being operated privately.


Even though Betsy is not a favorite to some people, she is respected for her devotion as a generous and pragmatic leader who is concerned about education in the country, and this is what makes her such a good candidate to ensure that the issue of freedom of speech in campuses is upheld.


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