A Few Comments On Securus Technologies

Wireless Containment Solution: Protection Against Contraband Cell Phones From Mobile Networks


The modern infrastructure we use in private government facilities use the highest technologies in the field of mitigation. There’s never a sure way to guarantee the behaviors of criminals across the world. The best system for managing the unexpected is by first having a mitigation plan.


The mitigation plan devised by Securus Technologies is bringing the agency into a powerful platform that makes it a reliable engineer the United States government seeks out. The advancement of wireless technology has given a great opportunity to security agencies as well as an illegal option for criminals.



The Use Of Advanced Mobile Networks


The danger with mobile networks is their potential to be open networks.


Wireless networks that hold information, enable phone transmissions or generate Internet service all use signals from one point that extends to another. Since these signals are often left unprotected, a way that ensures safety is required.


The basic safety that works with wireless networks is found in how agencies like Securus Technologies monitor the wireless signals that its clients use. The same ability to send information in and out of a central location can be used by criminals within a facility as well as those without.



Protecting Cellular Use And Access


The innovation Securus Technology puts to use can detect when a wireless system is being infiltrated. There are a few areas of concern that technology by Securus can monitor and track. It’s important to take into consideration that an outside entity can work to enter a network and to steal data.


The same entity can then send data to certain areas of a wireless network.


That data can be used to reach another criminal or to mislead the agency that receives the information. Information can also be blocked or diverted, so urgent information may not be accessible when necessary.


Securus Technologies changes inmates’ lives for the better with video visitation

Over the last 20 years, many new technologies have radically transformed the ways in which various industries operate. Although most people are well aware that technological progress has made huge changes possible in such fields as automotive manufacturing and computer systems, many are not aware that technology is also changing the ways in which America’s prisons operate.


One of the prime examples of this is the video visitation technology that’s been rolled out over the last 10 years by Securus Technologies, one of the leading inmate communications companies in America. This video visitation technology has transformed the ways in which inmates are able to stay in touch with their loved ones on the outside. Through the use of high fidelity, low-cost VoIP-based communications technology, Securus has been able to create a product that allows inmates to stay in touch with their loved ones.


This has been a proven method of reducing inmate behavioral problems as well as ensuring better outcomes when inmates are finally released. Studies have shown that inmates were able to stay in constant touch with those on the outside, maintaining a pro-social milieu in which they can maintain identities independent of the violent criminal social world often present in the nation’s prisons, are able to reintegrate into society at much higher rates and with much more success than those who are only exposed to other violent criminals.


For its part, Securus has been able to maintain extremely low rates for outgoing video visitation calls. Most prisoners throughout the majority of the facilities in which Securus operates pay no more than $0.15 per minute to stay in face-to-face contact with their loved ones.


Through its high quality and low cost, Securus has created a technology that is benefiting inmates, their family members and the guards who are tasked with maintaining a safe and orderly prison environment.


Securus Keeps Prisoners And Law Enforcement Impressed

Securus Technologies services over 1.2 million inmates across the United States. Those particular inmates are incredibly lucky. There are only a handful of correctional facility telecommunications companies and this one is clearly the best.


First of all, Securus says all the right things. They have contracts to service over 3450 correctional facilities across the country. These facilities include law enforcement, public safety and corrections agencies. But it is there incredible innovations that really sets them apart.


The company does this by providing incident management, emergency response, information management, public information, biometric analysis, investigation, communication, monitoring products and inmate self-services in order to make our communities safer. That’s a lot of fancy words. Here is an example of what it means.


The company takes the extra step of recording every phone call made by the prison population. These phone calls contain vital information and evidence that is strong enough to secure search warrants. But such a mountain of digital information is very difficult to search by hand. That’s where a new software innovation comes in.


A law enforcement officer simply needs to obtain a recording of a particular individual’s voice. The voice is run through the software. The software then pulls up every single recording that involves that particular voice. It essentially allows law enforcement to find the needle in the haystack whenever they want.


And these types of innovations are all done on top of world-class telecommunications services. Securus is highly rated. The company carries an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and is accredited by the same agency. The company invests its profits into a customer service facility that is second to none in the industry.


In the end, the prisoner population and law enforcement are both incredibly pleased with Securus. It is only a matter of time before this company is the undisputed leader in the industry.


Securus Technologies Successfully Finding Prison Contraband

When you work as a corrections officer in a busy prison, each member of my team has to have the others back or we could really be in serious danger. The inmates are in the jail 24-hours a day and they are looking for any weakness in the system they can exploit. If we were to lose focus for even a minute, we could wind up not going how to our families today.


The one way we have always tried to stop the flow of contraband from getting into the jail is by checking each visitor into the jail thoroughly. Many visitors will do things at the request of certain inmates that allow contraband into our jail, whether knowing or unknowing. These inmates will ask for drugs, cellphones, and things they can use or transform into weapons. Every thing we can keep out of the jail makes us and everyone else much safer as a result.


The next thing that we do in an effort to keep the drugs out of the jail is to do surprise cell inspections. We make use of this process in order to net anything that may have gotten by the visitor screening process, and we have been very successful at finding a substantial amount of things that should not be in the cells. With the help of drug dogs, we have located contraband hiding in plain sight that you just would never think the inmates could make use of.


This year we had Securus Technologies help to install a modern inmate call monitoring system that was supposed to do the work of several corrections officers. The company CEO, Rick Smith, says that his Dallas-based employees of 1,000 strong are dedicated to helping us make the world a safer place. We were eager to get training on the LBS software to see exactly how it would help us crack down on the flow of contraband in out jail.


Within hours of getting to use the new Securus Technologies monitoring system, we discovered this was going to be our best resource to date in the fight against the inmates getting their hands on illegal contraband. We heard inmate on the phone talking about hiding drugs in the jail, selling drugs to other inmates, and even how they instructed family to get the drugs into the visitor center without detection.


Securus Receives Accreditation from Better Business Bureau

Securus Technologies is one of the leading technology service providers in the inmate facilities. According to the company, they are always thrilled to offer the most sophisticated services to their clients. For this reason, they have endeavored to become a high-end capability in the inmate family. The company has also stayed ahead of the rest in the provision of unparalleled services in the industry. For this reason, Securus Technologies Company was accredited by the Dallas-based Better Business Bureau. The worked hard to implement the suggestions made by the Better Business Bureau to have the highest form of accreditation in the industry.


The Better business Bureau accredited Securus Technologies Company with the highest accreditation due to their capability to excel at what they did. Securus Technologies Company was also measured concerning the statements they make in the industry through their social media platforms and print media. For this reason, Securus Technologies Company is one of the most transparent companies serving the inmate industry with honor and disparity. Securus Technologies Company is also one of the leading providers of criminal justice and civil technology to foster correction, investigation, and public safety in the inmate industry. Securus Technologies Company has also announced that they have received an A+ rating from the Better business Bureau.


For you to get accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, you must be willing to take in the necessary changes imposed to your company. For this reason, accreditation is a voluntary action. You are also required to pay for the services rendered by the enterprise. According to Danny De Hoyos, this accreditation has been achieved through the nonstop activation of the company profile. While Securus Technologies Company received the highest form of accreditation in this industry, they have also worked hard to consider what they print and say in social media.



End Citizens United; Their Main Goal and Objective

End Citizens United is a political feat created on 1st March, 2015 with the aim of confronting the Supreme Court’s decision made in 2010. On observation, Citizens United has only brought disastrous effects in the country’s financial system. The decision made back then has been affecting America’s elections in a big way, hence the need to push for reform.

The Supreme Court allowed corporations to be regarded as people, and this gave a leeway to some wealthy individuals like the Koch brothers who have been spending a fortune in a bid to slant the balance of political authority in their favor. Other corporations have also joined in, and transparency is no longer there in America’s financial system. The committee has risen against such vices to restore sanity and order in U.S politics.

Mission Towards Which the Committee Strives to Accomplish

The committee is dedicated to fighting black money in the political arena and damage the rigged political system that has only amounted to increased corruption over the years. Since it is not easy, they have prepared to work towards achieving their mission by voting into office pro-reform leaders, pushing the issue about money in politics to the public level and employing grassroots affiliations to illustrate political power. Such steps will guide them in pursuing their mission.

The Committee Charged to Execute Their Goal

The influence of wealthy people in the government can be a big issue to the security of the political system. Thankfully, the Democrats are at the forefront of working towards wiping out Citizens United. It charges the group, even more, to push for justice of the everyday American. Majorly, they are working towards passing a statutory amendment to reverse the decision made by the Supreme Court in 2010 regarding Citizens United. Clearly, the decision gave so much power to the mega PACs and gave way to a tidal upsurge of black money into politics.

Importance of End Citizens United Group

The committee has raised their voices, and some key Republicans have noticed them. As well, the group does not necessarily have to support a Democrat, but they clearly indicated on their website that they will support candidates championing for reforms in the finance sector. It has to be someone who feels the pinch of watching unlimited political spending ruin their country.


The board is set to pursue justice by overturning the decision made by the Supreme Court. It is important to note that the panel consists of influential leaders who are committed to ensuring that dark money no longer circulates the U.S political systems. Stopping the vices might not come easy but either way, something must be done to restore financial power to the everyday citizen.