The Uniqueness of Copa Star’s Medical Services

Copa Star Hospital is a luxurious healthcare center that offers an excellent healing environment for patients. It was founded by Jorge Moll who is a renowned cardiologist. He was the first person to introduce the concept of setting up a hospital that offers five-star accommodation in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The facility is admired by many other medical centers across the country. The architecture and comfort that the Copa Star offers make it stand out. It has dedicated itself to providing world-class medical care to its patients. It serves its guests with excellent customer service.

The first-class medical facility owns the best diagnostic and treatment equipment. It, however, believes that comfort and therapy play a significant role in the healing process of a person. These features have made it a preferred option for many patients. Its services have raised the bar for other hospitals. Copa Star is a major competitor of leading medical care facilities in the country.

The environment that is offered by the premier hospital is similar to that of a five-star hotel. It provides all the amenities that would be needed for any person to have a comfortable life. The hospital’s corridors do not have the smell of medicine since they are kept fresh by an aromatization program that offers citrus scents. It ensures that the patients do not feel the dreariness of a hospital when they are there. The reception of the medical facility has comfortable seats, and it is also well decorated. The suits that are offered to the admitted patients are aesthetically designed to provide them with a relaxed stay. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

Copa Star Hospital’s building is stabilized by Penebar SW-55 joints that ensure all its seven floors are strong. It makes sure that people are safe even in the case of erosions and earthquakes. The hospital’s other priority is privacy. All patients who are admitted are offered their space that cannot be intruded by other people. This makes it favorable to celebrities. The strategic location of the hospital allows guest to have a view of beautiful beaches and also receive a breeze that makes the place feel tranquil. The hospital covers 21000 square meters.

The main fields that Copa Star has specialized in are neurological and cardiac treatments. The medical care that is offered at the facility is unparalleled. It boasts of about 59 well equipped intensive care units. The ICUs have video conferencing technology that assists people to communicate with their loved ones who are isolated. The staff of the hospital is well trained, and employees understand how to handle different patients. Copa Star has over 100 medical professionals who use state-of-the-art equipment in diagnosing and treating its patients to ensure that they recuperate well.


A Racquetball Player Can Advise A Business? Sawyer Howitt Can.

Yes, a young man who plays racquetball is a role model for young people’s ideas of entrepreneurship.

You have likely hear of a company called the Meriwether Group. It has been around for a while. It is a company that uses data and other resources to provide a valuable resource to major companies. They provide meaningful analytics and details of a client’s business as it impacts society.

A list of their clients is like a list of Fortune 500 companies, almost.

The amazing thing is that this company is operated by Sawyer Howitt, a relatively young man who just happens to play a lot of racquetball. He is a member of the Oregon Racquetball Club.

He did not simply fall into place as a projects manager for the Meriwether Group. He father founded the company; that is correct. But Sawyer did other things to prove himself in the financial sector before starting as a projects manager at Meriwether.

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He was a business strategy analyst for another company a few years ago. After that, he worked in customer service at another company.

Click here to learn more about Sawyer Howitt.

At the Meriwether Group, Sawyer Howitt has shown his skills in customer service, and beginning new ideas and following through. He truly is a role model for our younger generation.




Roberto Santiago brings Glorious Mall to Brazil

Roberto Santiago is someone that knows a lot about business in Brazil. He made a decision to open one of the biggest malls in all of Brazil, and the natives of Brazil really do love him for it.

Roberto Santiago is the entrepreneur that has managed to put a whole new spin on entertainment and fun. He knows that he wanted to create a place where people could go and hang out and have a lot of fun in their downtime. Read more articles on his Blogspot.

A good number of people that live in Brazil are happy with the work that Santiago has done in recent years. Roberto has built a mall that has a bowling alley and a movie theater. People have the ability to shop, but they also have access to a lot of other things to do for entertainment. There is also an arcade room in this mall that he has invested in. That has made Roberto Santiago one of the hottest entreprenuers of his time in Latin America.

The Manaira mall is one of Roberto’s greatest achievements. This is considered one of the best shopping centers in all of Brazil. Tourist and the natives of Brazil are thrilled for an opportunity to come to this mall when they vacation. It is something out of the ordinary, and so many people are interested in this type of environment. Large groups that are out can access an assortment of entertainment without roaming around from one place to the next.

Roberto Santiago has always had a mindset for real estate, but the mall maybe his most ambitious endeavor yet. He has spent a lot of time investing in smaller projects, but the mall is his most spacious investment.

More than 2,000 people are able to park in the parking lot for this mall. That is a small indication of just how big this real estate venture is. It takes a lot of time and a lot of money too get involved with this type of investment. What Roberto Santiago believes is that there were lots of people that would appreciate this type of environment. He has managed to create a hole lot of excitement about this venture, and he certainly thinks that it was worth it to acquire this type of investment.

The mall continues to be very profitable, and Roberto Santiago is able to continue his real estate investments in his beloved country. Learn more on

Tony Petrello: Dedicated Father Fighting For A Cure

If you look at the top business people in America, you will notice one thing they all have in common: they are more than just “business people”. They are neighbors, husbands, wives, philanthropists. They have families, children, hopes, and dreams for their futures. Tony Petrello is no exception. He sees his success in life as a sign that he is meant to do great things, not only for himself, but for his family and community.

When his daughter Carena was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and Peri-ventricular Leukomalacia (PVL). Born 24 weeks early, Carena Petrello was forced to fight tooth and nail, every day, to achieve successes which came easily to other children her age; even simple tasks such as learning to walk and talk.

Tony and his wife, Cynthia are thankful every day for Texas Childrens Hospital, on which Tony Petrello serves as Director of the board; and the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. Texas Childrens Hospital has been the recipient of generous donations of both money and time from the Petrello family. One of the many ways in which Tony Petrello gives back is through the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute, of which he and his wife were lead donators.

Petrello has an exceptional work ethic and comes from a strong educational background. He attended Yale University where he earned two degrees: a B.S. and an M.S; both in Mathematics. From there he chose to enroll in Harvard Law School where he obtained his law degree. Before becoming CEO of Nabors Industries, LTD; an oil, natural gas, and geothermal drilling contractor, Tony was a managing partner at Baker and McKenzie for thirteen years.

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How EOS Lip Balm Took Over

The Story of How EOS Too Down Chapstick

Not that long ago, chapstick, an official brand name, was used as short hand for lip balm. There are a number of products that have enjoyed this level of success. Today, there are a number of changes that have happened in this industry, most importantly, EOS lip balm has emerged as the premiere company and grew into a multimillion dollar business. This article will explain the changes that this company went through and how they began as a humble idea and rose to the level that they are enjoying today. If you’d like to see a little bit more about how they were able to do this, read on.

One way that they were able to grow to this point is with some of the best social media marketing on Facebook and other sites that any company has pulled off in recent years. They did this through making the product look very distinct and also created a number of collectable colors and scents. People were drawn to this product, to the point that a number of celebrities have begun using it.

This product is also great because it revolutionized the way that women take care of their lips. Many women didn’t enjoy using chapstick because the stick is so easy to lose and also is not a pleasant experience. The product would become caked up and unsanitary at times, especially products that you have to apply using your finger. EOS thought about the consumer first and did some research into what people liked, and catered their product to them accordingly.

Because they recognized the faults in other lip balms that have been produced for years, EOS was able to take the industry by storm. Now, they are worth more than $250 million and have taken over the market in so many ways.

EOS products are available online on Amazon and Try it today!

End Citizens United; Their Main Goal and Objective

End Citizens United is a political feat created on 1st March, 2015 with the aim of confronting the Supreme Court’s decision made in 2010. On observation, Citizens United has only brought disastrous effects in the country’s financial system. The decision made back then has been affecting America’s elections in a big way, hence the need to push for reform.

The Supreme Court allowed corporations to be regarded as people, and this gave a leeway to some wealthy individuals like the Koch brothers who have been spending a fortune in a bid to slant the balance of political authority in their favor. Other corporations have also joined in, and transparency is no longer there in America’s financial system. The committee has risen against such vices to restore sanity and order in U.S politics.

Mission Towards Which the Committee Strives to Accomplish

The committee is dedicated to fighting black money in the political arena and damage the rigged political system that has only amounted to increased corruption over the years. Since it is not easy, they have prepared to work towards achieving their mission by voting into office pro-reform leaders, pushing the issue about money in politics to the public level and employing grassroots affiliations to illustrate political power. Such steps will guide them in pursuing their mission.

The Committee Charged to Execute Their Goal

The influence of wealthy people in the government can be a big issue to the security of the political system. Thankfully, the Democrats are at the forefront of working towards wiping out Citizens United. It charges the group, even more, to push for justice of the everyday American. Majorly, they are working towards passing a statutory amendment to reverse the decision made by the Supreme Court in 2010 regarding Citizens United. Clearly, the decision gave so much power to the mega PACs and gave way to a tidal upsurge of black money into politics.

Importance of End Citizens United Group

The committee has raised their voices, and some key Republicans have noticed them. As well, the group does not necessarily have to support a Democrat, but they clearly indicated on their website that they will support candidates championing for reforms in the finance sector. It has to be someone who feels the pinch of watching unlimited political spending ruin their country.


The board is set to pursue justice by overturning the decision made by the Supreme Court. It is important to note that the panel consists of influential leaders who are committed to ensuring that dark money no longer circulates the U.S political systems. Stopping the vices might not come easy but either way, something must be done to restore financial power to the everyday citizen.


Arthur Becker’s Secrets to Productivity in Entrepreneurship

Arthur Becker believes that the real estate sector has fascinating stuff to offer. Its stages of development also differ from each other. Becker is currently working on the development of residential properties in Sullivan St. New York. He also seeks to build a luxurious residential condominium in Tribeca. He prefers working with individuals who he respects for productivity.

Becker is also fascinated by the trends in the biotech sector. According to Bloomberg, he keenly monitors the new cancer treatments that are developed in this sector. As an entrepreneur, Becker tries to evaluate his passion and drive with his critical thinking skills.

Consistency in Entrepreneurship

Becker believes that the only way entrepreneurs can excel is through consistency. Becker started several businesses throughout his entrepreneurship journey. Some of them were fruitful while others were not. He learned that persistence and dedication pays. He also learned that management plays a crucial role in the success of any business. Becker urges entrepreneurs to learn how to balance the operations and management of their businesses. According to Becker, entrepreneurs should be informed about the latest trends in their markets.

Professional Background

As one of the most prosperous real estate investors in the U.S., Arthur Becker is the brains behind Madison Partners LLC. The company usually invests in biotech and real estate developments. Becker serves as the managing partner of Madison Partners. Before founding the company, he held the CEO and chairperson positions at Zinio, a digital newsstand company. He also worked for NaviSite, which is an Internet technology company operating in the UK and US.

Becker was a senior advisor of the prominent Vera Wang,, a fashion company, for seven years. After Time Warner had acquired NaviSite, Becker started focusing his career on technology and real estate investments. He came up with the idea for Madison Partners during his tenure at NaviSite. He grew a passion for investing in the real estate sector due to the numerous opportunities it offers. For more info, refer to his crunchbase bio.