What Will Whitney Wolfe Do Next?

Whitney Wolfe has always been a go getter; being the CEO and founder of the dating app Bumble is nothing short of her unstoppable business mindset. Considering relationships and the business world, Whitney Wolfe has been through the things that most women in America can relate and identify with concerning dealing with men in relationships and the business sector.

The Bumble dating app, created by Whitney Wolfe is an empowering app for women who instead of waiting for a man to say or do anything to show interest, women get to make the first move. Putting the power into women’s hands to take the lead is non-traditional and is becoming more prevalent during this turn of the century. Bumble has turned what had been a societal norm of tortuously navigating the dating world into giving women peace of mind and more control over their potential relationships. Read this article at vogue.com to know more about Wolfe.

The New York Times hails Ms. Wolfe’s two-year-old app Bumble, as “feminist Tinder,” which speaks volumes about an issue that has vexed women for years – harassment (in many forms). Whitney Wolfe may not intentionally try to be an advocate for women everywhere; however, she does offer empowerment for women specifically within the dating arena wherein women are no longer hunted and become the hunters.

Going forward, Ms. Wolfe has created and conjoined Bumble BFF, which offers women a way to cultivate platonic friendships with other women who share the same interests. Also, she has acquired Chappy, an app for the people who identify as gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual while currently gearing up to launch Bumble BIZZ, an app for networking. Taking the dating world by storm and giving women their power back and bringing together like-minds are some of the superpowers that Whitney Wolfe holds and it honestly seems like this is just the very beginning of a new era. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/whitney-wolfe

Flavio Maluf Reports June Export Numbers For Brazilian Agriculture

Reporting on how Brazilian agriculture did for the month of June 2018, entrepreneur Flavio Maluf stated compared to June of last year the numbers were down 0.7 percent. Agricultural exports were US $9.21 billion for the month and accounted for 45.6 percent of total exports. Meanwhile, agricultural imports were US $1.04 billion in June which was 10.1 less than they had been in June 2017.

The numbers, as reports by the Secretariat of International Relations, stated that soy was 53.5 percent of the agricultural exports. Other agriculture that made up the lion’s share of exports were forest products, meat, sugar-alcohol complex, and coffee. Businessman and executive Flavio Maluf reported that most of Brazil’s exports went to Asia. Most of these shipments were made up of soybeans and cellulose.

After Asia, the European Unions was Brazil’s second biggest export market. What was mainly shipped to the EU was green coffee, orange juice, soybean meal, and pulp. Flavio Maluf said that for the first half of the year exports had increased by 5.2 in quantity and in value they had increased by 10.6 percent. The average price increase for exports was 5.1 percent. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Blog do Ronco

Flavio Maluf is in charge of running two companies in the agricultural industry. These are Eucatex and Grandfood. Eucatex is a company that was started by his great-grandfather, Salim, in 1940. This company grows and harvests Eucalyptus trees which are used to build furniture, houses, as well as toys. It is a very sustainable business. Grandfood is a chain of grocery stores that Flavio Maluf started several years ago.

He has a few words of caution for others who want to become an entrepreneur. He says that many people think that if you own a business you will get to earn more while working less. Flavio Maluf says this is a myth and a business will only succeed if you dedicate plenty of time to it.

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Ted Bauman’s Entrepreneurial Success Story

Striving to instill confidence within the financially fearful, Ted Bauman is a financial advisor of tremendous insight. When his entrepreneurial career was in its infancy, Bauman was living abroad in South Africa. Upon earning his degree from the University of Cape Town, Bauman settled in this foreign country where he’d soon amass vast industry experience. As a man whose intrigue is matched only by his tenacity, Ted Bauman was inspired to assume diverse roles in his line of work. With his extensive background in history, economics, and international affairs, Bauman was primed for success.

Some of his most notable occupations included working as a fund manager for low-income housing projects, serving as an executive for nonprofit organizations, and consulting for international governments. However, the latter proved a challenge for him. Bauman’s disinterest for government regulations rendered his stint as an international consultant unsatisfactory, but he strives to cultivate an interest in such affairs as the pervasiveness of regulatory matters is growing by leaps and bounds. While Bauman found much success in South Africa, he eventually returned to America where he became the Director of International Programs. Focused primarily on sustainability and effectiveness, Bauman applied the knowledge he’d gained in college and thrived in this position.

Though he had many entrepreneurial triumphs under his belt, Bauman felt an unsettling void within him. As an attempt to reignite ambitious spirit, Bauman tried his hand at financial writing. An intriguing prospect no doubt, Bauman was thrilled to be pursuing a different undertaking that allowed him to remain loyal to his first passion, financial counseling. Much like this father, Ted Bauman excelled as a financial writer, eventually earning his own newsletter aptly named The Bauman Letter. Not surprisingly, Ted Bauman’s newsletter has won him many supporters, and he continues to propagate his notions in the hopes of mitigating financial fears.

Neurocore Pre-Workout Intense Muscle Building Performance Enhancer

A new product by MuscleTech has hit the market promising increased athletic performance, primarily at high intensity workouts such as weightlifting. The product is marketed as a pre-workout performance booster providing an extra burst of energy to begin a gym workout. Containing caffeine for energy, citrulline for pumps, beta alanine to delay fatigue and betaine for power and strength, this product is sure to give the user that extra boost that may need during their workout activity.

Neutracore is third party tested, manufactured in the USA according to cGMP standards, uses only the purest ingredients and is guaranteed to of highest quality. Each double scoop of NeuroCore contains a 3.2 grams of beta-alanine to enhance strength and muscle building, 3 grams of creatine HC1 to aid in increased muscle size and stamina, 3 grams of L-Citrulline to peak plasma arginine levels 320 miiligrams of caffeine for an extra burst of energy with fat fighting properties.

Advertised as an ultra potent, super concentrated, pre workout stimulant with clinically studied ingredients Neurocore is sure to deliver the extreme energy to complete any workout requiring that extra boost. It is purported to give an extra pre-workout boost unlike any other. Reviewers agree that they do indeed feel that extra jolt of energy duing their workouts.

The product is available at many local stores and fitness outlets. Review posters at various review sites online state the product is well worth the very reasonable price, disolves easily for consumption and tastes good. They have been impressed with the results saying they feel the extra energy, have a greater focus and that the benefits seem to last throughout their workout. Some did suggest that new users begin with one scoop and work up to the full recommednded 2 scoops as they get used to the product.

Several reviewers of the product commented that after using the product before their first workout after long periods of finding excuses not to exercise they felt motivated to continue an exercise regimen of gym workouts or running. They were very happy with the extra energy without the jittery feeling they were expecting.

OSI Group’s Indulgence in Local Cultures

OSI food solutions is a renowned food processor that has been providing high-quality food products to customers across the group. David McDonald has been president of OSI industries for about thirty years. David has designed quite a number of strategies that have been instrumental in building the ISO Industries from grass to grace.

David McDonald started working at OSI group as a project manager while still working as the chairman of North American Meat Institute. He has over the years worked tirelessly hard to become the present president of the OSI group.

In regard to the leadership of OSI food solutions, David has done great strides while working at OSI to make it a food processor leader. In a recent interview, he pointed out some culture and basic practices that have consequently led to the rise of this company.

In a quick rejoinder, he says that he started working in the meat industry, immediately after graduating from University. He asserts that he has always had an interest in biology while in university. He would later become appointed as a project manager at OSI. The rest is a history of prosperity and success.

Considering the fact that his professional started at a low-level position in the company, David McDonald worked really hard to impress his managers to get promoted.

David McDonald in the interview explained that since he became president of the OSI industries, he has brought several partnerships on board. This has been through several mergers and acquisitions with different companies across the globe. Some of the mergers that have been done in the recent past include the TURI-OSI merger, the Baho industries, and the Tysons food industries.

David McDonald during the interview says that the OSI group’s success in business can be attributed to the high-quality products they are still providing to their customers up to date. OSI has created a family culture by ensuring that their products are family friendly.

OSI is gradually becoming part of local cultures since they understand the needs of local customers in different countries. This has been made possible by the number of mergers and acquisitions that have been put done in the recent years. The acquisitions and mergers have been mentioned earlier in this article.

David McDonald says that believes that the immense success by OSI group can only be attributed to the group’s ability to do valuable mergers and partnerships. OSI food solutions has participated extensively in acquisitions so as to understand local cultures in different markets they venture.

Betsy DeVos: Taking a Hard Look at Education

There are some people who are unfamiliar with the work of Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. Betsy DeVos started her career out like most people in her local government. She had met parents through the regional school system that had a problem with the way that the public school system was being run. They expressed anger over the situation but mostly they were interested in getting their children out. It felt as though their children are being undereducated and they were willing to sacrifice anything to make it better for them in the future. Betsy DeVos saw these parents and their willingness to suffer for their children and she wanted to do something to help them. This is when she first entered into the field of government with the express intent of bettering the education system.


After deciding to enter into the education system Betsy DeVos needed to find where she would best fit. She began joining committees and lobbying for a seat on the Michigan Board of Education. Her work was not in vain and she eventually received an appointment to the Michigan Board of Education. One of her first acts in this role was to advocate for the implementation of scholarship programs and a tax program that would help parents enroll their children into these alternative schools. She explained why “school choice” was going to be such an important measure in the future. These parents had already made her argument for her when they decided to take their children out of the public sector. They had seen the slow decline within those school systems they did not want to leave their children there to underperform.


For Betsy DeVos, she wanted other parents to have that sense of power and breed a genuine entitlement to a better education into a whole other generation. The problem continues to be that many people want to prop up the public school system instead of challenging it to be better. Many parents are operating under the assumption that if it was good enough for them to attend then it would be good enough for their own children. Unfortunately, this hands-off approach towards education leaves children in a situation where they are chronically underperforming. This has begun to affect the overall education level of children throughout the United States. Betsy DeVos is stressing that parents should take a good look at how their children are being educated. It is one thing to be nostalgic for your childhood, but it is entirely another to hamper your own children’s achievement abilities because you are afraid to acknowledge that a system is beyond repair and needs more than a fresh coat of paint to be a better option for the future.


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Neurocore Treats Depression Using Neurofeedback

Nowadays, there are over ten million adults in the US living with depression which makes researching treatments for it all the more paramount. Fortunately, Neurocore believes they have found an efficient method of treatment. Back in the mid-1930’s, Frederick Lemere became one of the first scientists to study the effects of neurofeedback on patients with depression. More than three-quarters of a century later, Neurocore is now using the research he published to treat patients with depression via neurofeedback and having much success with it. Out of the 292 patients they have treated so far, almost 85% of them have reported a significant reduction in symptoms while almost half of them no longer met the requirements necessary to be considered depressed.

As a result, they have now opened a medication-free depression treatment program which uses Qeeg technology to map the brainwaves of its patients to help determine the inherent cause of clinical depression. Some of the more traditional methods of treatments include taking antidepressants, seeing a shrink or some combination thereof. Many scientists have also studied this and believe an increase in alpha activity to be one of the main factors in detecting depression altogether. Many factors that often contribute to depression include hereditary factors, hormones and the genetic makeup of a person’s brain. They also use ASEBA as a rating scale for their patients.

Neurocore was first founded in 2004 as a brain training company and works to help people maintain focus in the classroom and in the workplace to become better students and employees. In the fourteen years since it was first established, it has become one of the leading authorities on applied neurosciences and has even attracted some big name sports teams and athletes such as the Portland Trailblazers. They currently operate out of two states, Florida and Michigan, and have eight different performance centers open to the public. So anyone who needs help with any neurological issues can come to them for help. To learn more about the services they provide and how you can become a part of it, check out their website or call 800-600-4096.

Gareth Henry Is A Gay Jamaican Badminton Player Who Was Forced To Flee His Homeland

Gareth Henry is a gay rights activist and Jamaican badminton player who is now also a refugee. He spends a lot of his time now helping Jamaican members of the LGBTQ community to flee Jamaica before they suffer brutality or death. Same-sex marriage is not legal in Jamaica, and many LGBTQ people, often, find themselves as the target of bigotry and hate. Gareth Henry now calls Toronto, Canada his home and has been a target and witness of the kind of violence that many gay people deal with daily.

Gareth Henry was trying to change all of that in Jamaica until he was targeted by law enforcement officials in his home country. In 2007, he was beat by policemen while a crowd watched on. He had already been attacked by police two other times and had decided to go into hiding afterwards. Some time later while he was driving one day, he was stopped by a police officer and was told that they had found him. The police officer told Henry that they were going to kill him, and that is when he fled the country.

Gareth Henry now serves as the interim director for the Toronto People With Aids Foundation. He also volunteers with Rainbow Railroad, which is a Canadian organization that works to relocate members of the LGBTQ community who are facing violence and persecution all over the globe. Some of Gareth Henry’s stories about how LGBTQ people in Jamaica have been abused would make most peoples’ stomachs turn. On the other hand, he has been inspired by people who stand up for gay family members by contacting the Rainbow Railroad to help get them away from those who would abuse them.

Gareth Henry, through his work with the Rainbow Railroad, has been able to help 60 refugees relocate to different countries in 2016, alone. He is glad to be able to help but hopes to see a better solution because people simply can’t just continue to leave their homeland. He has been happy to see politicians speaking up in defense of the LGBTQ community in Jamaica but really wishes they would take action rather than just talk.

David McDonald’s Successful Education And Career

David McDonald was born and raised in northeast Iowa. In 1987, he earned an animal science bachelor’s degree from Iowa State University. He received the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award for his high character and outstanding academic achievements.

He started his career in Chicago at OSI Industries working on the supply chain. Sheldon Lavin originally hired him as an intern. The company was improving and growing at a rapid rate at that time. McDonald learned about the technical issues and the vision of the OSI leadership. He embraced the corporate culture and worked his way up to become President and COO of OSI Group, LLC. He and the company view their customers as family, and they want to make products that they would feed their own families. He is also OSI Industries’ Project Manager. He is OSI International Foods Pty Limited’s Director.

By 2001, OSI was already doing business in China before any Chinese joined the World Trade Organization. OSI hoped to benefit from the Chinese economy’s rapid growth. David McDonald helped the company enter joint-ventures with Chinese companies by learning everything there was to know about the Chinese bureaucracy. David told CEOCFO Magazine that flexibility, patience, and trust ensure a rewarding partnership.

David McDonald still supports his fraternity with scholarship funding. He is active in its Agriculture Entrepreneurship Initiative. He supported Iowa State’s AGR house’s fundraising campaign. In 2004, he was given the ISU Alumni Association’ Young Alumni Award for his alumni activism. The university gave him the Emerging Philanthropic Award in 2014. He donates a lot of his time to the St. Michael Parish.

David McDonald is the American Meat Institute’s chairman of the board of directors. He is also sits on OSI Group’s board of directors. Since 2008, he has held the position of Independent Director at Marfrig Global Foods S.A. He and his wife, Malinda live in Warrenville, Ill with their four youngest children. Their two oldest are currently attending Iowa State.

The Ever-growing Empire of Brazilian Billioniare Guilherme Paulus

Brazilian hotelier and international entrepreneur Guilherme Paulus, who runs the Brazilian tour company, Cvc Brasil Operadora currently is one of the wealthiest billionaires in South America. Guilherme Paulus is often recognized as one of the most influential businessman in Brazil. He started his modest career working as an intern for IBM. Mr. Paulus currently owns GJP Hotels and Resorts.

Guilherme Paulus firm, GJP Holdings was the largest shareholder of Webjet. Webjet ranked Brazil’s number two airline. Webjet operates over 140 flights a day. Mr. Paulus took over the company in 2007. The low cost airline is based in Rio de Janeiro. Since his involvement with Webjet, they have added a new fleet of Boeing jets, also increasing its destinations. In 2011, his company decided to sell Webjet to Gol Transportes Aereos. The sale was mainly done so the money could be reinvested into his ever-growing hotel empire. Connect with Guilherme Paulus by visiting his linkedin account.

GJP Hotels and Resorts currently operate over 20 hotels and resorts. It features hotels located in, Maceió, Recife, Salvador, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The GJP brand currently employs over five-thousand people. His hotels vary from three to five stars. In the wake of the 2016 Olympics, his hotels reached a maximum occupancy.

Guilherme Paulus goal is to have 48 hotels running by the year 2020. He currently operates 12 luxury hotels. In the early 2000s, he decided to invest in luxury resorts. His Wish Resort in Foz do Iguaçu features a luscious golf course, and two critically acclaimed restaurants. It received the award for Best Golf Course. His Prodigy and Linx hotels offer people luxury at an affordable cost.

In 2006, Revista Hotels invited Guilherme Paulus to be an opening speaker, the event was attended by some of the successful businessmen in Brazil, and this is where he was able to capture listeners with his stories of how he launched his lucrative empire, which continues to grow. Since he opened his first hotel in 1995, over ninety-five thousand people have passed through its doors. His success comes from his understanding of how people want to spend a vacation. This is partly why he was awarded entrepreneur of the year in 2017.

Visit: https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/people/18466299-guilherme-de-jesus-paulus