Perry Mandera Has Lived Out An Interesting Career In Logistics And Transportation

Perry Mandera has worked as the Founder and the CEO of The Custom Companies, Inc. for over four decades. He has had an interesting time dealing with logistics and transportation work through the years. He helps those who have shipping needs in Illinois and also throughout the country. He is someone who makes sure that he is caught up with everything that he needs to do before he goes to bed at night, and he is someone who checks his email right when he gets up to get caught up again. He does not want to get behind on anything that requires his attention.


When someone works with people who have been a part of their company for a long time, they understand those people and they come to trust them. Perry Mandera has been working with some of the same people for over three decades. He is able to trust those people when he has ideas that he would like to bring to life. He is able to rely on the feedback of those people because he knows them and trusts them.


Perfection is something that many hope to achieve. Perry Mandera is someone who seeks to do things right the first time. He strives for perfection in all that he does. He tries to train those who work for him in a way that will help them to do everything right the first time.


There are a lot of things that person might long to change about their past and the way that they have gone about getting the place that they are at now. Perry Mandera has shared that he wishes that he could go back and tell himself to be less impulsive(chronicleweek). He wishes that he could tell the younger version of himself to think more and to pay more attention to his work. He has done well throughout his career but he wishes that the younger version of himself had done better.

Paul Mampilly Views on Cryptocurrency

Stock trading is the best and most valued way to keep investments in check. The current rate of shares is expected to rise in future as is for some. Which then requires the contribution of renowned and established stock exchange market consultants; Paul Mampilly is an American investor and financial geek, previously having worked as hedger manager and the winner of the Templeton foundation investment which is a prestigious price making Paul Mampilly a guru in this investment sector. To he is a seasoned guest in CNBC, Bloomberg and other networks thus his contribution is invaluable in the stock exchange sector. Read more reviews about Mampilly’s at

A digital form of currency or payment, managed and existing online not under the influence or control of banks and government is what is commonly referred to as cryptocurrency. Having gained significant public interest, it is ever on the rise due to its nature as described above. Having first designed for peer-to-peer payment using its complex crypto patterns of rules hence used for electronic payments and in the exchange market. The other factor causes its metric rise that giant companies in Tec that saw that there is future in cryptocurrency in future. The giant cryptocurrency platform as of now that is commonly in recognition being Bitcoin.

Due to the ever-increasing demand of cryptocurrency, bitcoin only cannot meet the entire market demand necessitating the development of other forms of cryptocurrencies which have been developed to meet the market’s needs that cannot be meet exclusively by bitcoin which include: Ethereum, Litecoin, ripples and other forms of cryptocurrencies. Further interest in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, ripples and others have grown in recognition as a legitimate currency and payment sources as they have been recognized in some countries such as Japan and Russia which have accepted the cryptocurrencies.

Paul Mampilly argues that cryptocurrencies are likely to grow by significant strides in the future as they are expected to reduce the transaction cost than before, and this will make them cheaper more efficient, crypto is a force to reckon in that it will make banking services less expensive by reducing the cost of lending and borrowing.

Selling and buying of shares are likely to be made cheaper as it will enable smaller and medium entities to break the firmly held grip by significant stock exchange markets by reducing the cost that can only be met by larger corporates only.

Cryptocurrencies are likely t take the place of such physical things like gold, diamonds, and silver as many would prefer to transact by digital platforms that can be provided by cryptocurrencies. Learn more:

NGP VAN is a Game Changer

The changes in the political landscape have facilitated the need to change in the manner the politicians and the political parties engage in their activities. Unlike in the past where an organizing political event was labor intensive the recent times has seen technology change the engagement. Technology provides the politicians and the political parties with big data indicating the voters which likely support the political platform. Democrats have successfully utilized the technology, social media, and big data in winning presidential elections. For instance, the historical election and reelection of Obama back in 2008 and 2012 can be attributed to the use of technology. The success of the Democrats in winning the presidential election can be attributed to the powerful campaigning tool of NGP VAN.


NGP VAN is a game changer when it comes to conducting an election in the United States. The Democrats receive adequate support when running for office from NVG VAN through the provision of the mobile tools and web. NGP VAN is a Washington DC-based institution which mainly deals with web-hosting and database commonly used by the Liberal Party of Canada, Democrats and other hundreds of the labor unions and progressive organizations. Since the company deals with technology, NGP VAN provides the Democrats with a competitive edge through the powering data and campaigning strategies. The use of the technology in politics and elections has enabled the voters to achieve the exposure on the daily matters occurring in the society.


However, the changes in technology have the capability of changing the future of the elections and other behaviors. The majority of the political parties need to adopt the use of technology in their campaigns as well as engaging in the voters. NGP VAN played a significant role in which Obama was becoming the first black president of America. The use of the technology enables the Democrats to collect the data which allows them to counter the competitor such as Republicans. Having a database which is well driven eliminates wastage of resources in targeting niche within the voters. However, dysfunctional technology is detrimental for the political parties since it leads to failure such in the case of Republican Party candidate Mitt Romney.

PSI-Pay Eases Payment Options Through Digital Wallets And Contactless Payment

It is a fact that people use digital wallets to carry cash since they can hold a variety of currencies. This is because digital wallets provide security and are a convenient and comfortable place for keeping money. They can replace bank accounts and some people can use them in their financial errands. The number of people using digital wallets with cash balances has rapidly increased in Europe over the past few years. Users link debit cards to the wallets and use them for withdrawals from ATMs while some members pay for products and services.

PSI-Pay provides payment solutions to businesses through the digital wallets and accounts. It bridges the gap by allowing users and individuals possessing the digital wallets to make financial transactions anywhere in the world. It is regulated by the UK financial conduct authority making consumers less worried about switching to digital banking.

PSI-PAY has experienced rapid growth since master card authorized it to supply business with pre-paid cards. In 2015 the company recorded its best financial year by providing services to both local and international markets.

Contactless Payment Ring

PSI-PAY and kerv wearables have partnered to enable the first contactless payment ring. The partnership utilizes PSI-pay’s master card license which can allow users of the contactless payment ring to make payments in various locations around the world. Kerv users can deposit in their accounts through debit/credit cards and bank transfer. The payment ring can enable ring users to conduct business with online or offline traders that accept master card payments. They also have the option to deposit in their digital wallets.


Specialized clothing and jewelry are linked to digital wallets. Credit cards are getting replaced by wearables such as watches and bracelets. These wearables get connected to ceramic rings that are sold, and the owners do not need to enter their pin or sign in anywhere when making any business or financial transactions. A small number of individuals use the wearables since not many are familiar with them. People still prefer the plastic payment cards. According to MasterCard, the contactless devices appear to be promising, and many people will be familiar with them and tend to use them more.


Digital wallets and contactless wearable devices improve on security and save time. Although many challenges are facing the industry, companies such as PSI Pay and Kerv are working hard to ensure the digital wallets, and the wearables can become affordable to everyone.

The Latest Introduction of a New Award Winning Video Suit Product Interface by Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is an all in one video marketing platform, a pioneer in the WebRT, and an online space for video communication. The company is based in Brandon, Florida in the United States of America. In the recent days, Talk Fusion unleashed an own redesigned dashboard of a product for the award-winning Video Suit. The innovation was the first of several milestones to be introduced over the coming few months.


The effectiveness of the innovation

The new interface brings in a stylish appearance and it offers a very advanced user experience to Talk Fusion’s worldwide client base. According to the Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of this company, Mr. Bob Reina, this innovation is going to operate in form of a catalyst through Talk Fusion’s next era of product modernizations. Given that Talk Fusion’s product and pricing, all do not match in around the communication industry, the company is the biggest competition of its own. Mr. Bob Reina is committed to providing his customers with a WebRTC-powered suit of the world’s highest quality and efficacy.


The restructured dashboard is the company’s first step getting into the future, due to the fact that it is profoundly giving the globe a unique glimpse of what Talk Fusion is going to be through the year 2018. According to the company’s vision statement, released in the previous days, the firm is on a mission of changing every way the world is communicating by ‘’breaking every barrier in a simple and unified solution of communication by any modern technology in place. Customers can also expect significant enrichments with the company’s services, and additions that are going to take Talk Fusion’s worth and brand a higher level.


More about the company

Talk Fusion Company believes that by reshaping the way people connect, they are making the future a better place to be. The company’s Chief Officer of Technology, Mr. Ryan Page is the one spearheading the forthcoming enhancement release series, accompanied by the talented and skilled IT professional team from Texas. Talk Fusion has made all things more intuitive and seamless for the businesses, charities, and individuals that come to the company for communication needs. Talk Fusion is not only setting new standards towards communication software but introducing new clicks to connect the future. The company is dedicated to help businesses in having good foundations and to stand out in the industry. Learn more:


Investors Bullish on Gold

In this geopolitical climate, it can sometimes be difficult to determine what can be a good investment—and what’s a disastrous idea. With talk of cryptocurrency swirling around constantly, as well as a failing U.S. dollar, gold seems like a good investment to more and more people these days. Of course, for those who watch the price of gold, a low U.S. dollar usually portends good gold prices. After all, there’s a reason why people refer to the “gold standard”!

During times of stress, people have turned to gold. However, it’s not just a strange political world that has led many analysts to predict a higher gold price this year; it’s a growing need and a dwindling supply. As we all know, the amount of gold available around the world is finite. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

However, the massive use of electronics is spurring overwhelming demand. In countries like China and India, residents are enjoying a new financial freedom, allowing them to purchase items such as gold jewelry and fancy electronics that require gold components. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook and US Money Reserve | Crunchbase

Additionally, in some countries like Russia, citizens have spoken out about their desire to invest some of their personal assets into the precious metals market as well. With regulations loosening up, an unprecedented number of people across the world now have access to gold if they so desire.

Considering all of the factors in play, it’s not shocking that many high-profile analysts have indicated that they believe gold will go up this year. With experts from all over the financial hemisphere chiming in to make their opinions known, it would appear that seeing gold top $1,400 per ounce this year should be expected.

Those who follow the U.S. Reserve will also be pleased to see that the Chief Numismatist John Rothans has been reviewing all of the available information, generating reports on the prospects for gold and silver.

With 2017 gold prices remaining solid amid swirling global influences, Rothans remains bullish on the precious metal’s prospects in 2018 as well. With so many fortuitous factors in line, gold’s future success seems to be one forecast upon which everyone can agree.

Randal Nardone, Seasoned Private Equity Executive

On the Forbes list of billionaires for the year, 2007, Randal Alan Nardone was ranked number 557. Randal is Co-Founder, Principal and Director of Fortress Investment Group. He earned his undergraduate degree from University of Connecticut and received his professional legal degree (J.D.) from Boston University School of Law. Long before achieving billionaire status as an entrepreneur; Randal was honing his legal skills and fine tuning his business acumen through working for others. After earning his law degree, his started a legal career with the New York law firm, Thacher Proffitt & Wood. He would later become a partner before transitioning into the investment arena; working for two prestigious firms, Blackrock Financial Management and UBS Switzerland.

Fortress Investment Group was formed by Randal Nardone and four other partners in 1998. The firm deals in alternative assets, real estate investments and closed end funds. In two decades as a business entity, the investment company has reached many milestones; but perhaps none more important than becoming the first US private equity firm to be publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Fortress has created separate business legs, these include Fortress Registered Investment Trust, and Fortress Credit Corporation. Randal is also the Principal and Director of Fortress Registered Investment Trust. This is a closed end fund (CEF) created in 1999. Randal Nardone’s career earnings after the public shares were traded reached $1.8 billion. He played a pivotal role in the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by SoftBank. Nardone reflected on the strategic developments, he said that any type of deal that can be made as private equity firm, increases share dividends also referred to as stock dividends.

Because this attracts new investors, which Nardone says will help drive new business since private investments are slowing down. The $3.3 billion deal with SoftBank was “the right move” at the precise time.Essentially, SoftBank purchased Fortress Investment Trust shares at $8.08, which was considerably higher than their NYSE value of $5.83. The deal offered solid footing for Fortress moving forward with positive developments. SoftBank will add assets to the firm. Randal Nardone is also credited with being instrumental in avoiding acquired assets before the real estate collapse. He lead his firm into investments that were prospering, despite downturns in the economy. Fortress Investment Group purchased commodities such as railways, ski resorts and casinos. Areas that weren’t affected by the subprime borrowers.

Meet Igor Cornelsen, Brazilian investor advisor

In a sub-section of the banking world where most banks are struggling along with their respective local economies, how is it that two banks in particular are doing so well? The answer may very well be found in an experienced, long-running Brazilian banker and investor by the name of Igor Cornelsen. Two private banks based in Brazil, Banco Bradesco (BBD) and ItauUnibanco (ITUB) have him to thank for their profit increases as well as one-third rise in shares that took place during 2014. With profit increases of 28 percent (Bradesco) and 36 percent (ItauUnibanco), Cornelsen’s influence and abilities should not be underestimated. See more of Igor Cornelsen at

Igor Cornelsen’s first piece of advice to struggling Brazilian banks is to streamline efficiency and cut costs at the same time by working with borrowers who have truly proven themselves worthy of having credit extended to them. From a consumer standpoint this will no doubt cause a lot of frustration, but giving banks the opportunity to get back on their feet financially means they in turn will be better equipped to financially back their struggling countries – in this instance, Brazil. And, as Cornelsen was quick to point out, consumers with lower credit scores or simply less desirable credit can still work with public sector banks, rely on their own cash, stocks, and bonds, or put business plans on hold until a better time. At the same time, Igor Cornelsen advises, Brazil’s own government would do well to pass and implement market reforms in order to give investors a sense of security. Secure investors means prospering banks, which in turn can mean a better-prospering economy.

Cornelsen’s experience in banking and investing comes from both passion as well as time spent in the field. With a knack for investments and general money management, Cornelsen traces his start to several senior positions at multiple leading banks in Brazil. Despite retiring “officially” in 2010, even today Igor Cornelsen can be found giving advice to others on banking, investing, and managing stocks in Brazil, or doing one or two or all three himself. Read more:


Ted Bauman And Banyan Hill

Ted Bauman was born and raised in Maryland on a rural Eastern shore. After completing high school and a year of college, Ted Bauman decided to leave college in the United States and head to South Africa. He enrolled at the University of Cape Town and spent seven years earning a number of degrees. He came back to the United States in 2006 at the birth of his daughter to be near family and give his kids a chance to know their grandparents. Ted’s father used to write for Banyan Hill when he was a little. In 2013 his dad made the decision to retire from his position at Banyan Hill and asking Ted to take the position. Ted Bauman became a part of Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013 as a part time editor taking his dad’s place after retiring. Here he now serves as the editor of The Bauman Letter, and the Plan B Club and Alpha Stock Alert. He also specializes in asset protection, privacy, and internationational migration issues and low-risk investment strategies. The Bauman Letter is a monthly publication that is devoted to enabling readers to secure and preserve their wealth by means of innovative investment, legal, and personal strategies. Follow Ted Bauman at

This letter has over 100,000 subscribers and is the largest read in the Banyan Hill group. He also writes the Alpha Stock Alert which is a weekly stock trading service based on systemic and algorithmic trading systems that he has developed with the help of top Wall Street experts that are in the field. The Alpha Stock Alert beat the S&P 500 10 times over in the past decade. Ted Bauman also writes weekly in The Sovereign Investor Daily giving as much information as he can share. With all of his know how Ted also writes on He has information on how to boost your gain, tax reform, profitable tax moves, What retirement mistakes not to make, and inflation. These are just to name a few. Ted is a fountain full of economic information that he pours out in every article that he writes and we should take total advantage of this wealth of information.

To view interview of Ted Bauman, click:


Matt Badiali: Why Freedom Checks Represent an Important Investment

The government of the United States has created significant incentives for corporations in the oil and natural gas industry to create profitable investments for everyday Americans. There are two purposes behind this. One it is in the best interest of the United States of America to create as much of their oil and natural gas domestically as possible in order to push America closer to true energy independence. Second, having a strong oil and natural gas industry can help to strengthen the overall economy of the United States of America. Visit to know more.

Matt Badiali discovered a unique investment as a result of researching the oil and natural gas industries. In the 1980s Congress passed a key piece of legislation that was designed to help incentivize American companies to further develop the oil and natural gas sectors of the American economy. This legislation is known as Statute 26-F, and it is hugely important to understand the implications that this legislation has on these industries. Matt Badiali first became aware of the unique importance of this legislation when he was undertaking a project that involved researching potential investment opportunities in the natural resources of the United States of America.

Statute 26-F created a new tax classification that corporations which operated within the oil and natural gas sectors of the US economy could qualify for. This tax classification is known as a master limited partnership. If a corporation was able to qualify to operate as a master limited partnership, there were huge tax incentives. Namely, the complete elimination of any tax liability that the corporation might have. This is almost unheard of in the United States, and it is obvious why this is important. Learn more:

For a corporation to be considered a master limited partnership, they must be able to provide proof that 90% of their income is derived from the processing, production, storage, and transportation of oil and natural gas domestically within the United States of America. In addition, the Corporation is also required to periodically payout a portion of the revenues that were generated by the company to its shareholders. These payouts are considered returns of capital and as such are only subject to capital gains rate of tax which is much lower than personal income tax rate. Matt Badiali quickly created a video which has since gone viral whenever he discovered this investment. In this video, Matt Badiali refers to the investment as Freedom Checks. Watch this video at Youtube.