Matt Badiali: Precious Metal Zinc

With all different types of mining taking place nowadays people tend to overlook the precious metals mining and how profitable they may be to someone during these years and also moving forward into the future. Matt Badiali has discovered a metal more precious than gold or silver that will make him profit within the years to come if he starts to mine and produce this metal to the public. Overlooked by many sources this “magic metal” is to become a very precious resource that people will need and want for not only industrial use but also medical and health use. Visit to learn more.

Matt Badiali has discovered that this valuable metal that produces itself in the earth is also a metal that we must consume to keep a healthy body and to regulate our immunity when needed. This valuable metal is none other than zinc, and this metal has been of great use over the past decade or more to help with the making of batteries, boats, surgical tools, and smartphones. We cannot overlook this metal anymore because of its practical uses within today’s society.  Badiali has predicted this metal to rise over a thousand percent within the next year or so because of its commodity, and the rarity to find within the earth. For more info, click here.

There is an issue with mining this metal because it seems that there has not been as much circulating within the past year, so we are coming up on shortages with zinc. The demand is said to exceed almost triple that of the amount that flows in and out of the market at this moment. Matt Badiali Predicts that this metal will be sought after in mined more than any other precious metal such as gold or silver within the years to come. With that said we can see where some people are putting their time and efforts to invest in this particular metal to make a profit in the future. Prices will go up but if you are ready for the “Great zinc Wars” in as some will state happening within the next few years you will be well prepared and along with your body so that you can maintain your levels of zinc to be healthy and to also profit in the future. Visit:


Igor Cornelsen: South American Success Investor

Many people enter the world of finance without a clue of how to be successful. Even more enter the field and fail to accomplish anything or earn money.

Igor Cornelsen is not one of them. In fact, he rose to success quickly and is now a wise adviser. He currently works for the Bainbridge Group. This company owns, develops, and manages luxury home and apartment buildings. He works in investing in the stock market in order to keep this company diverse and profitable, and has served in that capacity very well throughout the years. Without Cornelsen, the Bainbridge Group would be much worse off on the whole, and they appreciate his work.

He, however, did not become a wise and savvy investor by waking up one morning with the skills and knowledge to be one. He built himself up, his strongest growth occurring in his home country of Brazil. There, he managed several large, prominent banks and ensured their success. This elevated his position quickly and before he returned to America he managed an extremely large amount of the entire county of Brazil’s gross income. Check ireport.cnn for more info.

He now lives in South Florida, partially retired outside of his work with the Bainbridge Group. His tropical local enables him to enjoy his favorite past time, golf.

When he is not putting the green or investing with the Bainbridge Group, Igor Cornelsen works as a consultant and shares his experience and expertise with companies and individuals. He also writes a blog to help people invest and build a robust financial portfolio. On his blog, some of his advice for the personal investor is invest early and to diversify which allows them to gain profit over time and from many sources in the event that one does not prove to show good returns.

Igor Cornelsen has coined and perfect the principle and practice of damaged investing and avoiding damaged companies, which can lead to a huge advantage many investors would overlook.

He has gained so much diverse and practical knowledge of the investment world, and he knows how to assist others in their business ventures.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco: What’s Next For Bradesco?

As the current Chief Executive Officer of Banco Bradesco S.A. since 2009, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is remaining in his executive position at least until March 12, 2018. Having been at the head of such a great establishment in Banco Bradesco for the past 9 years, change inevitably happened to occur roughly one year before his ten-year anniversary as CEO. The bank will be ushering in new leadership soon when Trabuco steps down.

Currently Banco Bradesco is undergoing a powershift, where newly announced president Octavio de Lazari Junior will be taking the reigns of leadership within the bank. As both men have a storied history with the bank, change was needed as it was decided there will be a new CEO. Closing 2017 with revenues in the amount of R $76.3 billion, it’s hard to say that Banco Bradesco had a bad year. Quite the contrary, this was a rise of 6.8% compared to 2016.

Although last year saw growth in the financial sector, there is still a transition underway between Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi and Octavio de Lazari Junior. Many bankers are optimistic of the national economy for 2018, as low interest rates, relatively calm inflation, and GDP growth between 2% and 3% it makes a tough argument for change. However, Lazari stresses how they must have a better year than the years before. One thing is for sure, Lazari and Trabuco both stress how important having good pension reform is for the overall benefit.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco explains how the choice of the new president took quite some time to come to a final selection according to Knowing that Lazari would be one of seven vice presidents, the choice was weighed by the noted experience that Octavio Lazari has. From his work in the late 1990’s working in the credit area to his many promotions starting in 2010, the choice was clear for Luiz Trabuco’s successor.

Luiz Trabuco began his professional banking career and professional activities at Bradesco on April 17, 1969. Trabuco served as the Managing Director of Banco Bradesco S.A. back in March 1999 and after success in that department he went on to various positions throughout the bank. A major involvement in Private Pension plans, as he was the President of the National Association for Private Pension Plans from August 1994 to August 2000, gave him reason to stress the continued commitment to pension reform. Currently his days as CEO will finally come to a close as Octavio de Lazari Junior will accept the position on March 12, 2018.


Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey graduated from the University of Texas with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and the University of Illinois in 1987 with a Ph.D. in mathematics as well under the mentorship of Walter Philipp.

He solved a problem concerning empirical characteristic functions and completed his thesis under Banach spaces, a complete normed vector space. Banach spaces were named after Stefan Banach, a Polish mathematician who studied the subject from 1920 to 1922.

From 1987 to 1989 be was an Assistant Professor at Louisiana State University and the University of North Carolina. Michael Lacey and his college mentor Walter Philipp gave proof of the central limit theorem during his time at the University of North Carolina.

From 1989 to 1996, Michael Lacey served as Assistant Professor at the University of Indiana out of Bloomington. He earned a fellowship with the National Science Foundation and studied the bilinear Hilbert transform.

This research earned him and Alberto Calderón a Salem Prize. The Salem Prize has been given to many scientists who eventually went on to earn a Fields Medal. In 2004, his work with Xiachun Li earned himself a Guggenheim Fellowship and in 2012 he was made an American Mathematical Society fellow.

Since the year 1996, Michael Lacey has been with the Georgia Institute of Technology in a range of capacities from Associate Professor without tenure to now a Full Professor and Associate Chair for Faculty.

He has mentored dozens of students since 2001 during his time as a Full Professor at Georgia Tech.

In 2012 Michael Lacey was presented with the National Science Foundation ADVANCE Mentoring Award for his work mentoring some of the best Assistant Professors in the School of Mathematics at Georgia Tech.

He has mentored students from undergraduate to post-doctorate levels. Many of this students directly thank Professor Michael Lacey for their success.

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Brian Torchin: A ‘Business’ Profile

Businessman Brian Torchin has worked as the CEO (chief executive officer), the president, and managing partner of HCRC Staffing since the year 2007. The HCRC Staffing company is reportedly the leading full-service staffing and consulting firm for those looking to apply their different skills in the healthcare and legal fields. His work experience in the medical field dates back to 2000.

Torchin works several different enterprises, groups, and organizations related to healthcare such as private practices and major urgent care centers. He and his business have more than 200 clients. Torchin works with clients located in U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Torchin has been said to have played a significant role in the medical field, especially in the area of increasing the quantity of healthcare recruitment counselors. Some of his customers have even gone on record as stating that Torchin can consistently provide them with numerous qualified job candidates and solutions to all their employment-related issues. Indeed, Torchin’s business model has consistently focused on the idea that it is essential to make and maintain “long-term relationships” with all of the clients. He works to meet the needs of his clientele while giving them and his staff what they need to succeed. Read more about Brian Torchin at

Torchin wrote on his company blog that he additionally believes that staying up to date “on competitive compensation trends is important for health systems” can help to get both the talent and services what they need in order “to grow and improve.” He utilizes a number of business techniques including consultation, expedience, and direction. He strives to offer each of his clients efficient and quick answers to all their business issues. Additionally, he does what he can to be available to answers any questions and requests his clientele may have.

Brian Torchin takes time to regularly post his own blogs concerning such things as “the five tips to hiring superb employees” and how to hire a nurse practitioner. Finally, he is active in the community as well. He was involved in the Magee Rehabilitation fundraiser in March 2011. He is also considering doing pro bono skills-based volunteering.

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Betsy DeVos stand on freedom of expression in campuses

One of the most conscious subject that the U.S Education Secretary is looking to address is the threat to free speech on campuses. Betsy is dedicated to countering the threat to free speech with a multitude of different solutions to the issue.


While she was in an interview at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Betsy pointed out how the censorship to free speech has been affecting campuses over the years to the point that students cant even express their ideas freely.


To show how committed she was in turning things around, Betsy described how the exchange of ideas on campus helped to test new ideas, engage in new experiences and practice what she was being taught in campus; she could not believe the same experience which helped her discover herself, even more, was not being enjoyed by other students.


According to Betsy DeVos, higher education needs to be a place of exploration of opinions and ideas, but that is not the case; it is a place where speech is controlled, and even the word freedom of expression is dated.


In the interview, Betsy stated that her administration is dedicated to upholding freedom of expression in campuses for an open exchange of ideas that will help stir growth in the nation. Betsy added that the only subject of debate is how ideas can battle against each other.


Betsy DeVos was not the only one who was standing up against the shackles on freedom of expression, Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General of the Department of Justice is in full support on the march to ensuring that freedom of speech is given back to the students in campuses.


For the plan to become a reality, Betsy DeVos confirmed that plans are underway on how her department is going to change the issue of expression. The kind of allies being formed around this debate is causing a stir, and there is a glimmer of hope on how the issue is going to be addressed, it’s just a matter of time before the cogs are set in motion.


People do not doubt the support that Betsy DeVos has on the issue. Betsy has proved herself over the years on her commitment to providing the best educational environments for students. This has been evident through the educational reforms that she has spearheaded over the years to ensure that more students can access quality education and how she has supported education through her philanthropy work.


Thomas Pedroni who is a Wayne State University professor of education in Detroit said that he is fond of Betsy, and he acknowledges her as a divisive figure who is on a path to create an opening for a more focused and democratic public education sector. One of the most well-documented successes of Betsy has been her commitment to Charters which are publicly funded learning institutions that are being operated privately.


Even though Betsy is not a favorite to some people, she is respected for her devotion as a generous and pragmatic leader who is concerned about education in the country, and this is what makes her such a good candidate to ensure that the issue of freedom of speech in campuses is upheld.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on twitter.

Todd Lubar Investing

Investing in real estate is a proven way for people to build wealth and increase their income. The housing market is expanding in many parts of the country. With housing prices rising, many people want to get started investing.

Investing in real estate is harder than most people assume. It takes seasoned investors a long time to find a property worth buying. Todd Lubar is one of the most prominent real estate investors in the country. He spends a lot of time mentoring young investors about the basics of real estate. With the success of his company, he is excited about the future.

Business Plans

Todd Lubar operates a real estate company in his local area. When he started in the industry, he sold homes to interested buyers. He decided to start a company to increase his income.

With his first company, it was difficult to attract new clients. He decided to offer various rental property services to clients as well. Property management introduced Todd Lubar to real estate investing. He started buying homes at a discount and renting them out to tenants. He has developed numerous income streams through this strategy.

Financing Issues

One major issue with real estate investing is getting approved for financing. Few people have the cash to pay for a real estate investment. Some banks are unwilling to lend capital to real estate investors. In the last housing crisis, numerous banks went out of business. You can visit

Todd Lubar developed a lending program for young investors. He lends his capital to real estate investors so they can purchase a property. He has had a lot of success with this program. He also mentors young people about personal finance. He firmly believes that real estate investing is a proven way for people to improve their quality of life. You can follow their Twitter page.

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Matt Badiali: One Thing Leads To Another.

Matt Badiali has two things he is really good at. The first thing he is good at is Earth Science and the like. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Penn State University in that field and earned a Master of Science Degree in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. The second thing he is really good at is finance and investments. He did not realize that he had a penchant for this subject until 2004. He was invited to go around the world and find the best opportunities in the investment market for natural resources. This is when things really took off for Matt. In an interview with Ideamensch, Matt Badiali talks about his typical day, how his newsletter came to be, and what excites him about the future. View Related Info Here.

Matt begins his day by having coffee and watching the Bloomberg and Weather Channels. Next, he is off to work at the office by eight. He makes sure to spend a couple of hours at least writing his newsletter Real Wealth Strategist. He says the morning is the best time for him to write because that is when he is really focused. He reads more news and answers emails. After he eats lunch he takes care of meetings and phone calls. He spends most of his afternoons reading and finally goes to the gym to workout.

He says that when he started writing the newsletter it took a lot of time and effort. Matt Badiali says that it takes an unusual skill set to work on such a complex topic. He feels that he had the natural ability to cover natural resources and finance in detail. Helping investors is now his bread and butter.

One thing that excites Matt is the shift to the use of electric power. He says that idea will not occur until a battery is made that can power a small city. We are not there yet but we are on the way.

Matt Badiali is proof that one thing can lead to another. He has his two passions and loves how they have influenced his whole life.

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Everything you Need to Know about Heal and Soothe Joint Pain Relief Supplement

Heal and Smoothe is an herbal supplement that provides pain relief for your joints. This supplement was created from Systemic Enzyme Therapy. This is a process that uses enzymes to flow through the body. Once the enzymes pass through a person’s system they began producing beneficial results. This in turn helps to heal whatever is ailing a person. Heal and Soothe does not necessarily fully restore a person’s health but it does bring relief from pain by correcting the problems that are wrong with a person’s bodily functions.

Enzymes are also beneficial to the human body because they are known as biocatalysts. In other words, these substances help to increase a person’s natural body defenses by helping them to work faster or by motivating them to work more effectively. At the root source of most pain is inflamed tissue. Enzymes eliminate inflamed tissue because they were designed to do so. They help cells to stay in good shape by allowing them to repair and regenerate at the molecular level. Enzymes are also good for getting rid of radicals and oxidants that work to destroy cells and cause pain as well.

Heal and Soothe does not have any known side effects because they are natural enzymes. The other ingredients contained within this supplement are herbal. This simply means the ingredients are natural. People who have an allergic reaction can be impacted this substance. However, Heal and Soothe has a proven record of safety and no known side effects were ever recorded with this supplement.

Heal and Soothe might not be for everyone. Individuals should consult their physician before taking this supplement. The supplement is sold in a bottle that contains 90 pills. Consumers can order this substance from the company’s website at

Customers can use this substance for the first two-weeks for free. If they are not satisfied with results, they can return this product and get a refund. Heal and Soothe cost $49.95 a month. The company will automatically charge and ship the product out to customers. This is a convenient way for users to get this product. A $9.95 fee will be charged for shipping and handling.

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Robert Ivy Speaks On The Role Of Architecture In Public Health

According to Robert Ivy, proper designing can help in solving various challenges being witnessed in the health sector. Some people might wonder how architecture can be used to improve public health. However, some examples are so simple that so many people overlook them. For instance, using stairs instead of elevators has a lot of benefits. The basic one is body exercise. It has been discovered that one of the main causes of obesity in America is lack of exercise. Therefore architects have a big role to play when it comes to improving public health in the country.
Consequently, in the recent years, architects and health officials have been working together to find ways of helping solve health problems through design. The Chief executive Officer of the American Institute of architects, Robert Ivy has been vocal in encouraging architects across the country to think outside architecture and explore ways of working together with other disciplines to maximize their potential.

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The following are some of the efforts of architects and health officials across the country.
• VMDO architects are working together with an assistant professor of the University of Virginia Medical School; Dr. Mathew Trowbridge in studying ways through which design can be used to reduces obesity cases among children in Charleville, Virginia. The research is being carried out at the new Buckingham Country Primary and Elementary school. Preliminary results of the study culminated in the creation of a healthy Eating Design Guidelines.
• The recently completed Seattle Children’s hospital was designed by ZGF Associates LLP. The building incorporates biophilia as the main design strategy. The new design is important because it introduces a sense of oddity among children as well as enhancing the inner outlook of the building. The building is also engraved with murals which are designed to enhance children’s imaginations.
• The other major effort is the “light as therapy” designed invented in California. The innovation came as a result of a research done by Kyle Koins who is also an assistant professor of architecture at the University of Southern California. The research is not yet complete but many people are confident that it will lead to the decrease in the number of people suffering from Alzheimer and Dementia diseases.
Those are just but a few of the efforts being made as a result of the collaborations between architects and professionals in the medical industry. The Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects, Mr. Robert Ivy has been on the forefront championing for such efforts. He said that AIA will increase funding for projects meant to improve public health. The soft-spoken CEO also believes that if more efforts are put in the public health sector a lot will be achieved.

Ivy, who received his Bachelor’s Degree in English from Sewanee: The University of the South and his Master’s Degree in Architecture from Tulane University. Robert has been a senior editor with Architectural Records where he left a legacy of overseeing over 33 publications in both print and digital media. He has won the G.D. Crain Award for his lifetime contributions in the industry. In 2003, he also took the position of Vice President and Editorial Director of McGraw-Hill Construction Media. He is also a published author having written Fay Jones: Architect.

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